STRIPPOP was formed in 1999 by four friends in a little bar in Imola, Italy when they decided to start jamming Rem, Radiohead, Pearl Jam and Blur covers together. In September of 2000 the four friends, all with different backgrounds, realized they could play more than just covers and after two months they recorded their first song “Try Me Before”. In June 2000 they released their first completely self-produced six track promo cd, titled “La Comuna Ep”. In 2001, Strippop began working with Kiff Records of Cuneo, who gave them the chance to open the show for Marlene Kuntz in Asti at ‘The Asti in Musica’ Festival and in Cuneo at the Nuvolari Festival. Over the next few months, the band played live shows all over Italy and in November 2003, they left Cuneo and began work on their first full length album. The recording sessions started in July 2004 at the Modulo Studio - the album, titled “Factory”, contained 13 tracks. It was released in May 2005 and officially presented before the Swedish Band Radio Dept’s show at the Estragon Music Club in Bologna. Their first single “Boy Down” was featured in Rock Sound Magazine’s June and July edition, and led to a large band interview. The rest of 2005 was spent doing live shows, performing in some of Italy’s most important music stores and opening for Marlene Kuntz again, during their “Bianco Sporco Tour”. In 2006 Strippop’s fame increased, The album “Factory” reached 3000 copies, and Rock Star magazine named them an Italian Revelation Band, together with Negramaro, Midwest, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. In 2007, web promotion gave Strippop a much higher visibility level. Their songs were broadcast by Japanese and American radios, and after reaching the top ten chart, the first Strippop fan club was founded in the U.S.A. Currently Strippop are arranging both the songs and the live show for their second CD.

“Graceful verses and violent riffs, vintage instruments and futuristic melodic structures. They remind us of Radiohead in “Ok Computer”, but also of The Notwist, something of Blur and a little Deus…………but they simply are Strippop from Imola.”

this song has one particularitity: it is made of three notes that are repeated continuously.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

I sing on your radio

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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Hop On Pop

11/3/2009 8:34:08 AM
Excellent stuff, guys.
Glad to add you to my station and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

superhero tradigies

1/4/2007 10:20:57 AM
cool track guys good work xxx



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16 Dic, ""Really"" reach the 3rd position on the most important italian's web contest named
9 Dic, ""Really"" is airplayed on """" the best internet radio station of the year at the New Music Awards
27 Nov, Strippop are the featured artist on
16 Nov, Strippop reach the 1st position on the most important italian's online contest """"
10 Nov, ""I Sing On Your Radio"" is airplaied in Japan on Yellow Beat.
30 Oct, ""Really"" is played for one week on ISOUND.COM.
26 Oct, Strippop are selected for the final's step of the Sanremo Rock contest. Strippop have preferred to not continue in order to dedicate itself to the preproduction of their next CD.
21 Oct, Strippop reach the 4th position on Tagworld general charts; 2nd place in alernative and 3rd in rock genres charts. 1st place in all the indie’s charts (day's artist most listened).
15 Oct, “Really” is on air on: Texas online Radio, Madd Radio in Chicago, RAWK RADIO RNR, Bondage Radio, New Artist Radio, Smack Networks, Dynamic Independent Radio WDYN, Phatfirmradio.
Sept.2006, Strippop reach the 1st place on and growing in the dj's charts Strippop are constantly around the twentieth position in the alternative chart of tagworld, most listened, (before Keane, Paparoach, POD, Snowpatrol and others populars bands)
Ago.2006, The Strippop's fanclub born in the USA thanks to Michelle.
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