Exit 72 is an upcoming rock band based in Raleigh, NC. We have been playing the local circuit for a year now and are getting some real recognition. We recently won a Battle of the Bands hosted by Barchords TV show at the Lincoln Theater. This has opened up a few nation act tour possibilities. So we will be seeing you at YOUR local venue soon!! Last year we completed ""Cold Reality"" (our 1st full album) with the help of Ian Shrieir, Tim Hillard, Brent Lambert and all the great people with Studio 313, Oscillia Studio and The Kitchen Mastering house. Thanks Guys!! We are in the middle of our second album now, it should hit stores by next fall. The Band: Jamie Hurt (Vocals) is a Mass. boy with a kick-ass voice and song writing abilities superheroes envy, he has been with Exit 72 for a little over a year. Todd Johnson (guitar, back-up vox) is a waling machine, no riff is too much for him. Todd has been with Exit 72 for a little under a year. David Carroll (guitar, back-up vox) this guy delivers the show everyone wants to see. Jason Joyce (drums)there just isn't enough room to describe this guy, Solid, Accurate, entertainig.... Ashley Parker (bass) backbone of the band, just call him superglue, nothing could fall apart with him.. David, Jason and Ashley are the original Exit 72, we have been playing together for about 5 years and when we found Jamie and Todd we knew that it was time to get serious. C-ya up front. Look for Exit 72's ""Cold Reality"" on store shelves near you.

Hide Away

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FEBUARY 11TH, Exit 72 will be opening for Silent Civilian at the Lincoln Theater.

MARCH 9TH, 2007 Exit 72 will be playing with VageUs at the Long Branch. The Long Branch is trying a new approach to Friday night's.
Come check out the rockin tunes!!
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