This Dark'Surreal Glitter'Rock Theatrical-Band, Churns out some Powerful-Magnetic Tune$' with Thought provoking, Soul searching lyrics, *Psychedelic Grooves, and 'Haunting Melodies from Twilight.
*OhmAngeL* The Mystical ComiCbook Character comes to *Life on Earth* to *Deliver US from EVIL+* on this dark and *Insane Planet*

*OHMANGEL* warns the *Warmongers of Earth TODAY'* to stop *Beating around the MullberryBUSH* (which they did!) and *Change* DieVert from the folly of their ways, before it's too late!

Ohm and the Temple of Sound Click here for *FREE*MUSIC*

The *OhmShow* is Available on DVD CD or FREE MP3's ONLINE and on iTunes*NOW!

Look 4-it Google *OhmAngel*
and MedicineMan' the new Video on YouTube and the song on ITunes

Cd Albums to follow with this Halloweens NEW & Re Releases of all 8 CD's and 3 DvD's containing all the videos and reality show of the band

Treading the path of Truth *Love *Peace & *Harmony. 'Established in the Early Nineties by * Cheryl Lynn Gunn, Rob Scwager & Steven Jones, as they Join Forces with *Steve Madden, & *Niko Love' Resurrecting*Pete Morrison* as *OHMANGEL* 4 The OhmShow* C*2001-2009 and their latest Video C.C.Trooper' in Memory of Cheryl Lynn Ms. Gunn that is Pete Morrison's
#1 true Love for 13 years... and in her memory*****WaLKING In The light* the book, video, miniMovie, with her Swan Song performance..
Pete Morrison is Still working on the C.G. Center for Women and Children, by Donating a portion of the Royalties of his 7th CD

The band deals with the WORLD's issues of today, Concerning man's survival in the Universe. OhmAngel*Warns us about the upcoming wars that will happen, if man keeps stirring up hatred, in his cauldron of Evil !.

On stage with The Original TEMPLEofSOUND", Peter portrays the Comic book character *OHMANGEL* A time traveller from the shadows of man's mind, here to deliver us from 'EVIL... and guide us back to the stars where we belong.

*Going Home to MARS* is the latest hit featured on OhmAngel's

Diamond*Babies project

With special Dedication to Alice Cooper KING of Shock Rock...And....... a special thanks to NASA on the Re-Mastered Cd as well as the Original *EXIT FROM a DREAM* EP Album ( by the Original *Ohm and The Secret Sources 'Band' featuring *Astrid Young, **Shia Faust, and a host of other great Canadian Talent 1986) Also featuring *Pete Morrison

To buy CDs DVDs Videos or have a Personal Interview with Pete Morrison in T.O. Contact: or
For Contributions and Information on upcoming events, Please e-mail: or Visit our Webstore @ "Save The Planet Now"

The New CD "SyNCHROnIC" Order of the UnIverse" Is Coming soon!

Pete Morrison *OhmAngel* is a Producer Singer/Songwriter based in Toronto with over 20 years of dedication, & 12+ years of hands on experience, 8 CD projects, 3 Video DVD's and a Live Reality Show in progress all original published works (SOCAN)OhmPublishing.

We are working on my new DVD Project by *Ohmangel* with "Ohm & *The Temple of Sound*" Featuring *Niko Love, Steve Madden, Rob Kross Schwager & Steven Jones, and MR.X
on Drums


*Ohm* *Exit Fom a Dream**Trance-Formation* *OhMeYeGod* *Temple Ball* *Cellestial Highways* *ChrisTeen* Syncronic *(order of the Universe

Produced By *Pete Morrison
with Executive Producer "Benjammin" BenBergman' Techno-eNCryptedSound Concept by Rob Kross Schwager,
Composed with Lyrics by
Steve Madden & *Pete Morrison
additional arangements Piano Solos, Bass, and Taurus' by*Steven Jones' DrumZ Mr.X'
Recorded at OhmStudios on the Lakeshore in Toronto Engineered by *Peter Fust *SOCAN*
OhmPublishings 1979-C*2009

All Rights Reserved C*2003-2007
Inspired & Conceptualized by *Cheryl Lynn Gunn, Pete Morrison, Rob Kross Scwager
Steven Jones

OhmAngel 1991-2009 SOCAN
All Rights Reserved by *COPYRIGHT* OHMPUBLISHINGS 1991-2009

Back n' Beyond
The Mystical OhmAngel

Hard Rock
h h

RiCky Rocket

Alternative Pop Rock

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ohmangel a Rare performance by Pete Morrison doing his rendition of HURT an outtake from the 2007 Reality Tv Sitcom "Peter"
Pete Morrison OhmAngel Toronto's OWN Rock N'Roll Legend
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Walking In The Light******* by Ohm and the Temple of Sound, Staring the late Ms. Cheryl Lynn Gunn. The story is based on the Near Death Experience (NDE) of Pete Morrison Fust, Cheryl Gunn's True Love and life partner. A true inspiration! A satiric look at the darkside of Rock N'Roll. Cheryl Gunn was an advocate for many kids about drugs and alcohol. She tried her best to steer them away from the lifestyle she had been trapped in for so long. ""I remember her telling me about the street kids on the Lakeshore. She would march herself right in the middle of them to tell them how bad drugs and alcohol were""(D.M.)* Royalties from this the Walking in the LIGHT video will be donated to build The Cheryl Lynn Gunn Center for Women in Toronto. For more information contact us at The band is featured on
For band stuff visit us at and our Sister site


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