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Here you´ll find both flirtingly humorous, sexy & slightly wacky songs (electronica / pop / world) (NEW ALBUM OUT IN SEPTEMBER!) and sensual instrumental songs for a stroking voice (aka violin) woven into spectacular orchestral, electronic, Celtic new age soundscapes...

Catya Maré was nominated for the Hollywood Music Award 2008 and won both the Billboard World Song Contest and the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2009.

Her popular and critically acclaimed albums "LIGHT LONGING", "Remembering The Day" and "Destination Love" are available from every major digital music outlet, such as iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc..

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Have also fun checking out www.catyamare.com, www.youtube.com/catyamare1 and www.myspace.com/catyamar
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Catya Maré has been playing the violin all her life (first concert as a soloist with an orchestra at the early age of 10 years old, teachers a.o. Prof. Zakhar Bron and Prof. Ana Chumachenco), playing solo concerts as a classical violinist in the USA, Israel, Scandinavia, Germany, at festivals (Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival, Santander Music Festival).....has received numerous scholarships (such as Stipendium der Münchner Orchesterakademie, Stipendium der Rotarische Gesellschaft Hamburg, Konzerte Junger Künstler) has been holding the position of an alternating concertmaster with a big Scandinavian symphony orchestra (Aarhus Symfoniorkester).... and then found out that there were other possibilities, this wasn´t enough....
One day, in 2004, when recovering from a bad influenza and starting to play the violin again, she became aware of the fact, that she was playing something she never had heard or seen before! Music arising from the moment! A quite unusual thing for a classical musician. Since then she performed at major Museums of Modern Art (e.g. National Galerie Berlin (Germany), Kunsthaus Zürich (Switzerland), ARoS (Denmark)), at churches, shows and collaborated with dancers and painters.
January 2006 she left the orchestra in order to devote herself to her own music.

In February 2006 she started to compose songs, where her violin is the primary voice. It´s a completely new style of playing the violin (or better: singing it...) a breathing and vibrating sound, which resembles more the female voice than a usual violin.....Her songs have been broadcast at 90 international radio stations, receiving the most amazing reviews and are placed on TV shows / Hollywood films....
in April 2007 Catya Maré´s music was selected for a non-exclusive publishing deal with the US music publisher Noteborn Music.
In September Catya´s song "It Came True" was featured in the Hollywood film "BUTTERFLIES IN THE WIND" (Vic Alexander) at the Ava Gardner Film Festival in North Carolina.

When not performing concerts/shows Catya Maré composes, produces and records her own music. LIGHT LONGING, the critically acclaimed debut album, has been released in January 2007.
In November 2007 she released her second album, REMEMBERING THE DAY. You can find fabulous reviews on both albums in the Review Section of this page.

In February 2008 she relocated from Denmark to LA.

November 2008: Catya was nominated for the Hollywood Music Award! The ceremony took place in the famous Kodak Theatre complex in Hollywood on November 20 and was televised to 120,000,000 households internationally.

November 2008: Catya's music was featured in the Austrian artist boki.b..s new audio book. It's called 'KÖNIGIN' ("QUEEN" in English) narrated by Irina Scholz, the famous German voice actress.

February 2009: Catya Maré won the Billboard World Songwriting Contest in the category "electronica / soundtrack".

April 2009: Her music is featured on the short film "Homecoming". The film will be shown at all the major film festivals in the USA.

November 19th: Catya Maré won the Hollywood Music in Media Award in the category "Ambient / New Age".
The award show took place in the famous Kodak Theater Complex, Hollywood, on November 19th. 2009 and will be televised in 18 countries, including the UK.

Her third album "Destination Love" was released worldwide in February 2010.

February 2010, Catya Maré won 8 Editor´s Choice Awards on one of the leading music licensing sites: Revostock.com,

May 2010, The Recording Academy officially appointed Catya Maré Voting Member.

From August 2010 "Destination Love" will be available as a physical CD, too.

Catya recently started to include her voice into her musical work, what resulted in a flirtingly humorous, sexy & slightly wacky new style (electronica / pop / world).

A change from new age / ambient to nutty electronica....

Her new album "Tell Me Why" will be in stores by September 8th, 2010.

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Catya Maré: Destination Love, violin, Hollywood, Billboard, Grammys, celebrity, celtic, enya, kitaro, yanni, enigma,smooth jazz, ambient, new age, electronica, classical

Catya Maré - Destination Love



Catya Maré: Remembering The Day

Catya Maré - Remembering the Day


5.0 out of 5 stars Musical Ecstasy

From the first minute of "Destination Love" you realize this album is going to be a magical experience. Catya Mare blends modern electronica with classic violin. The music alternates between being exciting and calming. While listening you will experience exquisite emotions. I found some of the music to be playfully creative. Then there are some songs that are seductively sensual with breathy whispers. As the music seeps into your soul you may notice the pleasant sensation of happiness emerging. This is like love radiating from your soul. I think this happens because Catya Mare is one with the violin and it becomes like an extension of her own heart. Each piece of music has elements that make it unique and intriguing. You will be fascinated by not only the creativity, but how the music affects you as a soul.

~The Rebecca Review

Rebecca Johnson (www.SeasonedwithLove.com) - Amazon (May 15, 2010)

"Listening to Catya is like a breath of fresh air. Entering her world is dangerously infectious and may cause you to experience spurts of ecstasy. Her vision is beyond the confines of our limited comprehension. In three words, she commands attention."
Cendrine Marrouat - Excerpt from latest review on Catya Maré´s music. Source: WAGTiMediaGroup (Apr 29, 2010)

"...No doubt that Catya Maré is one of the most talented violinists today. Her music reaches from Ambient, New Age to Chillout and Lounge." (excerpt from a review of "Destination Love", March 12th, 2010 by Erich Boeck, Music Scout, NewAgeRadio.de)

"Catya Maré is a violinist that hails from Denmark, and perhaps one of the most talented violinists I have heard in a long time.
The violin is her voice; it brings forth sensual, atmospheric melodies with music that refreshes the soul.
Her music has begun to gain popularity across Europe through her MySpace website, and now her second CD, Clouds, exhibits another ethereal journey into the beauty of progressive classical music.
For anyone who thinks violins are boring, this album will prove you wrong. The pop feel supports the heavenly sound of her violin that can do nothing but refresh your spirit and mind.
It is what legendary music does best : every track on this CD touches the soul .. and it touches the sky. It was impossible to just listen to every selection once or twice
Each song on Clouds expresses such emotion that the listener feels it.
The music tells a beautiful story. It paints pictures in the listeners’ mind that cannot be described as anything less that gorgeous. Technically, the music is totally flawless.
Clouds may give off the impression that it is classical, but it is much more than that; it exposes the other side of the world. Denmark is certainly lucky to have such an amazing violinist."

"....With full orchestral backup on many of her songs, even those that are stripped down to nothing more than Catya's violin also have all the textures of a forest at sunrise. And I also discovered that her music paints pictures in my mind that are absolutely gorgeous. Technically, I find any point of her music to be flawless...
Comparing her to any of the finest violinists in the world isn't out of the question. I really look forward to Catya Maré's music being included on MIXXSTUDIOS playlist. Steve, you're right, she is fabulous.

"Light Longing is an ethereal journey into the beauty of progressive classical music. For anyone who thinks violins are boring, this album will prove you wrong. It leaves you mesmerized by the peace and serenity an excellent violinist can give. The melodic pop feel of the album only adds to its appeal for the modern music listener. Ambient beats support the heavenly sound of her violin that can do nothing but refresh your spirit and mind. Highly recommended after a long day of work when you need to relax and replenish yourself.
Catya Mare is truly a talented artist, a rare gem in the mainstream pop world today. A beautiful treat to the ears that will take you to places you’d never thought existed, and from which you’ll never want to come back."
(by Amber Stephens, music-reviewer.com)

And awesome testimonials:

"Your music is absolutely gorgeous! I really enjoyed the New Age flavor while dining on your violin sounds. WOW! is all I can simply state!!"
(Sonny Thomas
Music Artist Promotions Director for
MIAMI Music & Entertainment /
The H.M.D. Music Resource Guide ®)

"....visions of sunrises, sunsets and rainbows so hauntingly beautiful, spiritual, peaceful .. and ever so holy. You took me far into my dreamworld and you made me feel like ... like, well, just like "It Came True". What an absolutely beautiful and inspirational experience it was for me. You make music do what great music - what legendary music does best - with every beat of the heart it touches the soul .. and it touches the sky. It was impossible to just listen to this song once or twice - no, for me, it was much more than that. This is a wonderful, beautiful song Catya ... no words were spoken, yet every word was said. Thank you for such a deeply emotional piece of music - I'm honored to add "It Came True" to Legendary Music"
(Legendary Music Radio)

"This Girl Rocks the music world! Check her music out! Keep up the wonderful music!"
(Sound Spectrum Magazine, USA)

"....very evocative, very visual.....nice work!"
Jay Holben, film director / producer, Hollywood

"Every once in a while something truly beautiful happens. This is such a happening. I have heard some violin music in my time but nothing compares to Catya. She is a truly remarkable musician and gives her all in her performances."
(Review by Songcatcher Records, Ireland)

"AMAZING.... You are the most talented woman I think I have ever heard!!"
Universal Promotions (USA)

"Your music is incredibly beautiful. Very well composed and playing is even more fluid and flawless...total perfection. You are GREAT!
Johnny Kim"
(-Warner Brothers Pictures
Burbank, CA US
-Twentieth Century Fox Studios
Culver City, CA US
-Bill Graham Presents (concert promoter for major concerts)
San Francisco, CA US
-GLM Records
Beverly Hills, CA US
Artist and Repertoire (A&R))

"Sunny Time"...from Catya Maré´s new album "Destination Love"....Enjoy!

Thank you, Lisa (Planetary Visions TV) for this nice interview at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2009!

LIGHT LONGING, a soulful, touching and sensual music video....

CLOUDS, the music video.....Catya Maré on a trapeze in the clouds...
singing on her violin...relax, dream and rejuvenate...

Breath With U, LOL
Flirtingly humorous, sexy & slightly nutty song....:)

Chill Out
h h

Tell Me Why...

Chill Out
h h

Sunny Time

h h

Light Longing

h h


h h

Just For A Walk

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

It Came True

h h

New Sunshine

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h


h h


h h

Remembering The Day

h h

Moon Lake

h h

Ethereal Loneliness

h h


New Age
h h

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More Human Than Human

3/20/2009 7:35:43 PM
First became aware of you on MySpace. Outstanding stuff. Congratulations

Texas Willie

3/22/2008 9:05:46 AM
Congratulations on your Golden Kayak Nomination!

Good Luck and I will see you at the Awards Broadcast!


Marc Ceccotti

3/20/2008 9:10:44 AM
Hey Catya, Congratulations! Wishing you all the best.

Neil w Young

3/18/2008 8:28:07 PM
Hearty and warm congratulations on your Golden Kayak Award nomination Catya. My glass is raised high to you and "It Came True" at Legendary Music!!

It is a privilege for myself and the band to be able to share this honored occasion with you. Best wishes and good luck !!




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