I have played in pop as well as salsa groups, in Sweden and in New York, since the mid 90's. Nowadays I prefer to write and record my own music, of which you can hear a couple of samples here.
For the moment I seem to be listening mostly to classical music, Stravinskij, Silvius Leopold Weiss, and more experimental stuff such as Susie Ibarra. There are also however, a couple of songwriters and pop artists that I always return to, namely Lou Reed and David Bowie.
In the daytime I work as a music leader in a treatment center for people with autism and related diagnoses. I am enrolled in the master's program of music therapy at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
I sing, play classical guitar and the mandolin, and I fool around with Logic on my laptop.

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SILVERWOODSTUDIO Hello, Robbie here ! I also work with disabled students including Autistic and Downs syndrome, and Foetal alcohol as well ! welcome aboard!
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SILVERWOODSTUDIO Sure do! we play lots of drumming and percussion, and I have 12 ---15 adult students, we write our own music too!
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