Please CLICK HERE to download tracks from the "Semiunplugged" EP.

Originally hailing from the ravine town of Elderbush Gulch, Colorado, James H. Tartan has become the latest in a long line of lo-fi indie folk/pop/punk/emo singer-songwriters to take the Denver/Boulder area by storm. And now he is poised to take the pop music world the same way. Steeped in the grand tradition of great singer/songwriters such as John Mayer and Jack Johnson, but with the cutting edge sensibilities of bands like Modest Mouse and Maroon 5, he will make your heart melt with his heartfelt balladry as well as your foot tappin' with his great stash of upbeat tunes.

Hailed by the Village Voice as ""Brilliant"" and the Westword as ""Brilliant"" (amongst other accolades), James will spin his magical web around you. His live performance footage for the song, ""Window Of My Mind"" received over one million plays on YouTube (alas, before it was pulled for being ""too sensual""). He has also been a long-standing favorite on and We are sure he will be a big hit on this new IAC site as well.

James has just inked a deal with SBU Records and has his debut full-length LP in the works. But, we at SBU Music feel that his music was just too good to keep secret any longer. So, we are offering free downloads of two of the cuts from the ""Semiunplugged"" demo EP, including the aforementioned ""Window Of My Mind"". We think this artist is too special to be unheard any longer, and that he deserves to be heard the way we first heard him, raw and real.

Be sure to see James on tour at Borders books/music/cafe locations all over the U.S. this year (Canadian tour dates are pending).

Window Of My Mind
About my feelings for a certain girl.

Indie Pop
h h

I'm A Genius
A shout-out to my musical soul brothers.

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Please CLICK HERE to download tracks from the "Semiunplugged" EP.

I just wanted to say hi to all of you out there at IAC and and I would also like to thank the good people at SBU Music who are giving me a shot on their label, you won't regret it.

James H. Tartan
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James H. Tartan