Boy Meets Sound use minimal hypnotic drones to create psychedlic trip-pop: a'la Spacemen 3, Spiritualized & My Bloody Valentine.

Crafter Accoustic
Gibson Les Paul Electric
Fender Jazz Bass
Technics Piano
Roland Juno-G Synthesizer
Zoom 8 track Digital
Cubase 7 Studio suite

Boy Meets Sound pulls from mostly UK influences from the late 80's acts like Jesus & Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, The Telescopes and My Bloody Valentine as well as from the darker side of the 60's, e.g Velvet Underground, Love & later Beach Boys.

Boy Meets Sounds' debut album, was entitled " Tremelo" and consisted of several already written songs, recorded in 2003/4, BMS realised that it simply didnt match the vision he had, so it got shelved. BMS immediatly started recording the follow up "Pop.Tremelo.Drone", which was a rewrite of the highlights of " Tremelo" plus some new songs. Again it didnt quite get to the light, so lies in the vaults still with its predecessor.

2005 saw a new approach to writing/recording. So BMS started writing what is seen as the proper debut album. Entitled "The Boy who met the Sound", this involved improvising all the music & lyrics to new songs and recording the results. What came out was a stark contrast to the previous 2 attempts.

BMS completed work on his 4th album entitled " Hypnotized" in late 2006 and followed on from the blank canvas approach of " The Boy Who met the Sound"

Boy Meets Sound is currently writing & recording his 5th album; at the moment titled " Every Moment should be about Love, and has some 30+songs to work with. The album should be completed early 2008

BOY01:TREMELO (2004)
2.Dreaming in joined up thoughts
3.Life goes on
4.Prism of light
5.The last day
7.Go to sleep
8.Season I-IV
9.The Philisophy

1.152 words
2.Dreaming in joined up thoughts *version
3.Seasons I-IV*version
4.Mirrors don’t tell Lies
5.Anne Bolyne
6.Eyes wide
9.Music for airports B
10.Jesus pt2
11.Rowan Morrison

1.A murder of crows
2.Sister oh Sister
3.The boy who met the sound
5.In between our light
6.Music for airports C
8.Tears frozen in a cloud
9.Life goes on*version
11.40 days to a mantra
12.Sister oh sister(reprise)

1.Hate is the only love i know
2.Let me see you smile
3.I stare into the Sky
4.Split Screen
5.I Breathe
7.Heveanaer pu andvarpa Inni
9.She's full of stars


My new album. Only done its first mix, but should be available by the end of May08. See below for a complete Track list.
1. Sell my Soul
2. Every moment should be about love
3. Rain falling under the sea
4. Don't leave your heartache lying
5. Breathe through your fingertips
6. Everyone i know has fallen apart
7. My perfect flashback
8. Ailie loves you
9. Take me to the river
10. It's only suicide
11. Can you still
12. Music for airports PT4
13. Goodnight Earth

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Shauna Skye_

7/6/2007 6:27:02 PM
Welcome to IAC, you droog. Of course will link to you. Going to do that now!



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Boy Meets Sound have laid low since finishing Hypnotized in October 2007.
After spending 3-4 months promoting this BMS has been recording the debut album of a local Edinburgh band and is in discussion with another local artiste to record their work.

New Boy Meets Sound songs are slowly appearing. No idea when these might be released, but im looking for a 2008 release of a 5th album. No title for the album yet and only 1 title for songs " Evangellize"

I have began working on a video for Splt Screen. Im 2 minutes into it at the moment as its taking a lot of effort. I will post this on the web when its done...BMS x

I am starting work on some copyright free tunes for the Red Sugar cafe in Edinburgh. Hoping to collaberate with Caroline James on this. Unfortunately this will only be available to listen at the cafe. Initial working title of "Red Sugar Beets"

Put the Feedback into your Soul


Work has began on album no 6.
No title but several demos finished.
11/9/2014 12:58:04 AM
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