Pat Powell chose to make Sydney his home in 1981 where he is well known as a jazz, funk and reggae singer, he has worked and recorded internationally with some of the biggest names in show business Al Green, Michael Hutchence and Kylie to name a few.
In 2004 he teamed up with Paul Finnerty and they recorded a CD in the mainstream jazz style. They were quick to realize that the best way to promote their music was to write original tunes and in 2006 they brought out a CD which was done in the adult
contemporary style.
This year they have produced a CD which so far has been described as being in the 60’s pop style, although to either it is just good music. They incorporate a few tunes that have social conscience as they think it’s their duty to make people more aware of the circumstances in the world today. Both are interested in feed back of their music especially on style or gender, which would help to place it in the correct slot.

Found Love
Finally Found Love.

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

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9/2/2007 6:28:50 PM
Very smooth sounds -----welcome to IAC



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