Mandi Leigh, born in Fullerton, CA is no stranger to the music industry. Mandi discovered early in her life that she wanted to do nothing more than sing and perform. Since the young age of five Mandi has been at work on her rise to success. Appearing in talent shows, local concerts, choirs, and competing in beauty pageants in her hometown, Mandi's talents were obvious from a young age.

At the age of sixteen Mandi started writing and working on her first demo album. Since then she's come a long way. Now 24, she has nearly completed the writing and recording of a, yet to be titled, full length independent album, and is showcasing her new music in the states and around the world having just finished a five month international tour with Holland America through the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Mandi Leigh has an impressive list of accomplishments for someone breaking into the industry. Throughout 2004 and 2005 she opened for Universal Recording Artists NINA SKY, Hollywood Records Jesse McCartney, Ryan Cabrera, Ashley Poole formerly of Dream, Trevor Pennick formerly of O-Town and more. Her ballad 'Home Of Darkness' can be found on the movie soundtrack for the 'The Wraith: Eyes of Judgement'.. She's even dabbled in acting and writing, having a cameo role in an independent film titled, 'The Wraith: Eyes Of Judgement' that released to small theatres throughout the U.S. this summer, as well as roles in 20th Century Fox's 'Fat Albert' and Warner Bros. 2007 release 'Beerfest'.

Mandi has had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the industry's hottest songwriters and producers. Michael Raphael of Earth Tone Sounds (Hilary Duff, Busted), Michael Nelson of Epic Soul (Nick Lachey) and Eddie Galan (2007 Billboard Award winner for best soundtrack for Highschool Musical) have contributed to Mandi's material. Mandi Leigh is expecting to create an innovative album with a pop foundation, an edgy rock flavor, and seductive R&B vocals.

Mandi's main goal and purpose for her career, along with charity involvement, is to make music that's passionate and relatable. One of her top priorities is pleasing her outstanding fans, whose love and support keep her going as their numbers grow by the day. Her original dance moves & hot dancers, mesmerizing vocals and energetic stage presence are sure to win over any crowd around the world.

Wrapped Around My Finger
Fun, upbeat pop song.

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Home Of Darkness
Moody ballad

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For Immediate Release

Mandi Leigh Inks Soundtrack Deal with Warner Brothers / Polychrome

Los Angeles – Recording artist Mandi Leigh has signed a feature film soundtrack deal with Polyphonic Records with distribution through Warner Brothers / Polychrome Pictures.

Mandi will contribute to the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film, “The Utopian Society,” about a diverse group of college students thrown together on a final project to create a Utopian society on paper.

The film comes off of a successful film festival run where it collected an array of awards including: Best Director (Honolulu International), Best Comedy/Drama (DIY Film Festival and Rad Digital Film Festival – Los Angeles; DV Awards, Utah), and Best Feature (Key West Indiefest), among other awards and nominations.

The film also features a talented, up-and-coming cast, including Austin Nichols (TV’s “John from Cincinnati”, “The Day After Tomorrow”) and Malin Akerman, one of FHM Magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006” (

Mandi Leigh’s track, “No Longer in Love,” will be released on the film’s soundtrack along-side the DVD release in January 2008, available in all music retailers nationwide.

Music from the soundtrack will also be made available worldwide via all major internet music portals.

On the footsteps of the film/soundtrack release will be Mandi Leigh’s debut pop album, also arriving in stores in early 2008.

For more information about “The Utopian Society,” visit:

For more information about Mandi Leigh, visit:


Mandi Leigh has been offered a role in Uncommon Bond Production's newest comedy project. Still untitled, Mandi Leigh will be playing a featured hostess. More information as the production develops.

Mandi Leigh is also working on a comedy feature film this fall, teaming back up with director Jason Quinn. More information as the project develops!


Thank you to those of you who voted for Mandi Leigh. Out of the 6 artists Mandi Leigh finished with 50% of the votes! Over 190 point lead! Great support guys!!

MANDI ON THE WEB will be relaunching soon with ALL new features! Including Mandi Leigh ringtones! Stay tuned!


Mandi Leigh plays a waitress in Broken Lizard's latest film, 'Beerfest' now available on DVD.
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