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RECENTLY PERFORMED LIVE @ The Sage Music hall was a fantastic setting as leanne performed to 2 thousand with the fabulous song SING SING A SONG made famous by none other than Karen Carpenter herself another string to leannes bow she went through in 2007 xfactor auditions from thousands

LEANNE LAWSON: A Music Fan’s Dream

Sunderland teen solo artist releases debut album of genius original songs "YOUNG DREAMS’’ will be released on 8th MAY featuring the new single "FALLING IN LOVE’’

With vocal ability far beyond her years LEANNE LAWSON’s debut album ‘’YOUNG DREAMS’’ is a collection of unforgettable original songs which should establish her once and for all as one of Britain’s most exciting up and coming young vocalists.

Leanne’s album has already had national airplay when she appeared as a guest on the Mike Mendoza show on Talksport Radio. Two tracks Calling my Angel & Falling written by Gary Bellars (london based writer /producer had air play ,Fantastic album YoungDreams was recorded and produced by Tommy Morrison who has a track record of working famous bands and artists and includes tracks written by top writer Gary Bellars.

YOUNG DREAMS is packed with great songs -every track is a winner. Titles include: Falling in Love ,When the Truth comes Home ,Young Dreams , Calling my Angel (Gary bellars ),YoungDreams ,brilliant track When the truth comes home , There are also bonus versions of "Calling my Angel " & "Falling in love" http://www.pimp-my-profile.com/generators/preview.php?mode=myspace&layout_id=84718

Calling My Angel
A beautifully written track complimented by Leanne's angelic and powerful vocals.

acoustic pop
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hi everyone
hope everyone is good out their
working with excellence records fantastic things ahead
songs on-line their to
enjoy all songs
love leanne x
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Leanne Lawson