We're very keen listeners of all the greats, Dylan, Young, Cash, Lennon Mcartney, Harrison, Townshend, Howie Payne, John Power,
The La's , Shack, The Sums, Oasis, The Coral, Six Nation State etc etc.
We've been up and running as a unit since March 2007, though Songwriter Andy Richardson and sidekick JJ Marriott have been together since June 2006 playing as an acoustic tag team playing all the major and up and coming venues in Derby.

We're getting a great responce from our local gig's and we're moving up the ladder to better support slots, with bands like The Sums, Six Nation State and Ex La's and Cast frontman John Power.
Feel free to check out our Myspace profile, to listen to all three tracks from this 1st demo of ours.
We're looking for a decent producer who will do our songs the justice they deserve and help us get out there.
See you soon.

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Please see our Myspace profile for gig dates and inside info, feel free to chat/ask any question you may need to know.

The Flash of light track will be available on an Silver Records compilation. (More details on our Myspace profile).
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