Vine Street Records’ first release is by the artist, DB, who has released his first album titled Cherry Mint. Cherry Mint is a luscious work where spacious, pristine digital Electronic/Freestyle production meets laid back rock, jazz, and dub; all produced and engineered in 5.1 Surround for DVD-A, DTS, and Dolby Digital as well as stereo for the CD release.

DB has a formal education in music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, majoring in performance. While working with Keyboard Workstations he discovered a talent for not only writing but also producing music. He is a true audiophile with an incredible ear for detail, matched only by his pursuit of production perfection. DB’s goal while producing this work was to provide a new listening experience with rich deep detail, allowing the listener to always experience new sounds each time they listen. Since these songs have an average of 100 plus tracks of digital surround audio, there is plenty to take in. There is also no loss of detail in the stereo version.

Cherry Mint ships as a dual disk with the CD and DVD-A in a single jewel case or as a single CD. You can preview the music and artist online, at the Vine Street Records’ website

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