Neilman is making waves in the industry with his own unique take on music. Have a listen as I gaurantee you will have heard nothing like it.

Neilman is one half of the legendary Teamen who have temperarily disbanded due to overseas commitments. Most will remember the seminal performance at Hardload '05. The crowds reaction was so intense, multiple encours we demanded. In the end the show was halted by the local authorities but had they not interveined, the show could still be going now.

Neilman's proudest achievement to date must surely be his 2007 hit single, Umbrella, which was performed under the alias of Rhianna. Although the guise of Rhianna was eventually taken on by Mick Hucknall, most will remember Neilman as the original and best.

Born to Believe
80's rock

Hard Rock
h h

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Ben Elliot

12/15/2007 4:50:27 PM
Ive got the teamen album and a cd with some of thier really old stuff. Its quality. Ive heard a couple of Neilman songs online and its just as good if not better as the Teamen. Cant wait for him to upload some songs, Ive heard he has written some stuff with Kate Nash and would really love to hear it.



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