Although they are only 25, the members of Mercury City have already been playing together for a decade. They bonded through their music as teenagers and have been like brothers ever since. Phil describes the meaning behind the band's name as "a place where you would come to fulfill your dreams, where everything is possible…a place that doesn't exist except in everyone's dreams…we are that place!"

In 2002, they recorded their first EP, and it went on to sell 5,000 copies independently in Quebec and spawned a hit radio single with the title track "Purification."

They went through a string of ups and downs until 2007, when things started looking up. They sent a package to the former guitarist of Moist (the first band they ever covered), Mark Makoway, who had become an successful mixer (David Usher, Matt Mays and El Torpedo, Evans Blue). Mark liked the music and signed on to mix Mercury City's debut album, and he enlisted the help of producer Trevor Kustiak and engineer Michael "Dull Boy" Langford to solidify the production team.

Burn, Phil, Simon and Allan spent the month of October 2007 recording with Trevor in The Pocket Studios in Toronto, and by early 2008 their debut album, The Heat From The Sun, was complete.There is certainly darkness in it, but ultimately light wins out, and the album delivers an uplifting message of faith, hope, and the beauty of simplicity.

I'll Be There

h h

Someone Like You

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1/16/2008 11:39:45 AM
Hi from New Zealand!!

Fine music guys---I'll be back for more!



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Mercury City - First Album - Buy It on iTunes / Maple Music and Cd Baby

We've finally put up our new album, "The Heat From The Sun," on iTunes, Maple Music (, and on CD Baby ( so that you can all get a copy.

We recorded "The Heat From The Sun" in late 2007 at The Pocket Studios in Toronto with producer Trevor Kustiak, and it was mixed by Mark Makoway and mastered by Joao Carvalho. Their other projects include Evans Blue, Vaeda, Death From Above 1979, Matthew Good, etc ... If you're having a great time listening on our MySpace page, then please don't forget to order your copy of our debut album, I guarantee there will be no regrets.

Feel free to leave us comments and feedback on our page once you have a chance to listen to the whole album, we love to know what our fans think and which songs are favorites.

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