mopion is a Rock Reggae band based in Holland we are a groep of friends who get together an make the music happen.

The Male voice

Name: Reg (a.k.a. Ragga)
Born: St Vincent, West indies
Date: 20-05-65
At the age of 17 Reg started off as being a vocalist. He did not play any other instrument unless you consider the mucking around with keys. The greatest influences came from King Yellow man and Jack Radicks. He gained experience by performing a lot. The other styles of interest for Reg are soca music and rock. For Reg music definitely stands on the top of the list in his life .

The Gitaar

Name: Dave (a.k.a. Artbeat)
Born: The Hague, The Netherlands
Date: 06-04-82
Dave started playing piano at the age of 7. After playing piano he started playing guitar at age 12. After that he started playing bass at the age of 15. Recently he also started rapping and writing lyrics. Many classical composers like Beethoven and Saint-Saëns first inspired him. Later he was inspired by a lot of metal bands like Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Metallica, In Flames, and Dissection. Of course also Jimi Hendrix, Madness, Police and Bob Marley had an influence. In fact it is way too much to mention. He used to play for himself. At age 16 he became part of a technical and melodically black/death metal band called Ethereal Spawn. He became an experienced bass player because of the many times standing on stage and gained a lot of experience this way. The other that are of interest for Dave are rock, metal (heavy/black/death), ska, blues and jazz. Music has an important place in Dave's life besides his ambition of becoming a good medical specialist.

The Keyboard

Bobbie Joel was born on the 14th of October in The Netherlands. As baby he always fell asleep in front of the speakers, but only Reggea Music could make this baby fall asleep. At the age of five he learnt some base chords on the keyboard from his uncle. Bob start playing with others while in a Jam-session a Reggea Jam-session. He also joined a Reggea Band when he was almost twenty, but they wouldn`t give eachother enough space to breath, so Bob left the band when he noticed that. Cause he needed his Space just like everybody else, so he gave them three weeks before he left. After that Bob started to make music on his own. these days Bob still sing and produce his music (mixture of Reggea and Hip-Hop) on his computer. In April 2007 Bob finally got into a Reggea band sprinkled with some Rock and Hip-Hop on top. Yes!!! It's the band: MOPION! So finally Bob plays in a band where the give eachother enough space to breath. More about MOPION you can check out on MOPION... Manny thanks ONE LOVE! The bass man Papito Bio Soon

The Drums

Coming from a musical background of kaseko music Jo Jo has Travelled a long way in the music Industry.Based an living in den haag jo has been a very busy through the times playing with bands such as,(rhytmconstruction-sapatija-sagar- sound ect) Since joining with the rock reggae band mopion an interducing his unique style the groep hasfound its true identity.His Creativity as a drummer produces the essence of joyfulness.


Papito Info Come Soon


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burning shame

Hip Hop/Rap
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