Kim Powers

Front Gate of Novartis Switzerland 7.30am

i refuse to be silent!

Sita and Tyler (the coolest dog in heaven)

rccltd.ch have contacts in Japan, China,Korea

any dog will do

they use our dogs

they use our kittens

doesn't matter big or small

rccltd breed beagles too

this could be your dog

rccltd will breed them all to order.

i refuse to shut up!

one day its karma time

i refuse to be silent

Sita and Tyler (the coolest dog in heaven)

when in doubt get them out!

do you give to research?or have shares in companies that finance this murder?

from under the palms to a laboratory

Kim Powers supports ALF

Stop rccltd breeding animals for torture worldwide!

when politics fail

even the sun says it

Victims of sick people

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