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       Dan Browning

Dan Browning

3/29/2018 3:42:21 PM

Hey Norm - I greatly appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement, and thank you so much for making me your featured artist on Desperado Revue. I would like to add to that list of songs "Bitter Winds", "Desperation" and "My Sweet Evangeline". Again, many thanks!


Desperado Revue

3/22/2018 9:44:05 AM


You will be the " Featured Artist " March 30 on the main DR station.

I have the following songs on the station:

- An Empty Shadow
- I'll Be Just As Gone
- Telling Me Goodbye
- The Wind Is An Unfaithful Lover
- What Once Was Tomorrow

I would like to add 3 more tracks of your choosing.

I will check here on your page for your suggestions.


Desperado Revue

1/13/2018 11:36:51 AM

Thanks for the harmonica on your songs.

Harmonica always gets my attention.

Will be moving your song " Telling Me Goodbye " from " Desperado Revue " to " Desperado Revue Vol. 2 " in the near future

Norm - Station Manager


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