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Kevin Viveiros, a.k.a. Millie, was born on August 7, 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is from the streets of Charlestown located on the east side of Boston. After his parents divorced in 1987, Millie became torn over the separation. As a young boy, he encountered numerous volatile situations involving drugs and gangs. Soon after receiving his Diploma and moving away, he found his calling in music and began to move forward with the hope that one day he could give back to his family and create hi
Kristen ParisiPop
Music City USA - Most people hear the word Nashville and think “Country”. While I enjoy country music, nothing could be further from ME as an artist. I’m a City girl from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who moved to Music City USA after college to become an Artist / Songwriter / Producer. After a few years of Co-Writing and Recording and Performing here in Nashville, I signed my first staff writing contrac
Cat Dowlingindie folk and alternative
The Believer, a stripped-down affair of funeral pop, is a collection of beautifully crafted and treasured songs, which will envelop your head without you even noticing. It is an eclectic offering of low-key beats coloured with layers of sonic delights and a voice, both hushed and passionate, that will punch you in the gut. Dowling is currently completing the signings to an International publishing deal. The reactions to the material from her new album have been extremely promising with her i
Hailing from Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Leon Permentier, also known as LeVirya, has quickly established his own unique brand of Trip Hop. Originally playing guitar for 18 years, LeVirya turned to electronic music in order to open up his options creatively. By combining samples with his chilling guitar lines, he creates contemplative melodies and dusty atmospheric beats with essences of Jazz and Soul. LeVirya has a talent of capturing different sceneries within his songs, which demonstrate c
Primal Therapy
I was pretty drunk at the time? ...
Vanisha Davis (a.k.a.) ChevyGurl was born to Rachael & Vincent Davis on December 21, 1994 in Saint. Petersburg, Florida. ChevyGurl is a graduate of ECOT - Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow which is a community/charter high school based in Cleveland, Ohio. ChevyGurl graduated in 2012 one year earlier than her graduating class of 2013 and was inducted into the National Honor Society. ChevyGurl had developed an interest for music at the tender age of 6 when she was in and out of recording studio
Jaydon Omega
JayDon Omega came up in the projects of Los Angeles, but soon enough found himself in the San Fernando Valley. Inspired by his new surroundings, he stumbled upon Spoken Word which eventually led him to hip hop. Today he’s taken all of that and made a name for himself both locally and on a bit of a national level having performed in Las Vegas and at SXSW a few times now. With singles dropping left and right, as well as his JayDon Omega and The Goon Gang that features various local artists, JayDon
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Robert Green71r&b,gospel,pop
I'm Robert Green.I was born on July 24,1971 in Little Rock Ark.The oldest of 3 children began to sing as a child,but I'm definitely not singing patty cake anymore. My musical influences are numerous. Stevie Wonder,Prince,The Gap Band,Brian McKnight, Tank,Commissioned just to name a few. It wasn't until about 19 that I bought my first keyboard and started writing songs.My playing stunk and my writing wasn't much better,but over the years I can hold my head up a lil higher. In all ,I've acc
Robert Green
Robert Green was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He started singing around 6 years of age and started writing his own songs and playing the keyboards at seventeen. Robert cites some of his influences as The Gap Band, Prince and Stevie Wonder. He says he has accumulated about 150 songs covering Gospel, R&B, and Pop. On his album “From Me 2 You”, Robert Green didn’t do anything groundbreaking, but what he did was deliver a solid R&B album that is true to himself. Avoiding the temptation to latch
TLP (The London Project)
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The Coming of Agepop/rock with big hooks
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Unapop, electronic
Lightningsoulful rock
REASON MUSIC TEAMWorld | Jazz-Fusion
Team Of Musicians, Singer Songwriters, Dancers, Vocalists, and Online Promo Team from Network Friends across The Globe ! Reason Productions is Based in Northern Cali. Lakeport,Ca. ...
Songs 4 Valery Rock
we are songs 4 Valery... The Next Rockstar Band. . . . . We are rock band similar to Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Bryan adams... ?? > > > > Run&Fly.????? > > > > Living Off Night???? The power is inside... ?? Can you listen our songs? Are you interesting in it??????? You can contact on: ...
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead*Punk, Post-Punk, Garage, Indie, Alt-Country, Surf
I'm a 14 year old up and coming rapper. I was born on May 25th, 2002 in New York. Then my family and I moved to Chicago because my father found new work. I got into Hip-Hop and Rap in 6th grade because of Speaker Knockerz (RIP). He inspired me to start making beats and Freshman year of highschool I started to rap over the beats I made and post them on soundcloud. I am now working on my mixtape called Cartoons which will be dropped on March 25th. I posted the first song of the mixtape (Out in Tok
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