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jacson alisas
I'm a sad songbird trying to chirrup ...
soujanya naroju
I’m marketing specialist at grptalk. grptalk is an audio conferencing app that lets you talk to a group of people from anywhere, and at any time. ...
david smart
Kurt FortmeyerAmericana
Kurt Fortmeyer was born in a barn and raised in a stable environment, or so he might tell an unwitting listener in one of his sillier moments. Brandishing his acoustic guitar and harmonicas, and writing and playing original songs with a traditional bent, he has been labeled as a “neo-traditional hobo bluesman honkytonking folksinger/songwriter”, although “Americana artist” is much easier to say. His great songs, good stories, and bad jokes prompted The Nashville Ear to name him “The Best Of T
M.U.T.O are three ineffable beings (and one rather more effable one) who were secreted millions of years ago from a lava pit that would one day become Canterbury. These creatures evolved to thrive in the intense heat and radioactivity of ancient earth. To survive in modern day Kent, they are forced to survive on the pure, focused energy produced from the primordial soup of riff- driven disco funk which infuses their every performance. Without their influences, which range from Sly and the Family
raymond porter
Joan MinneryIndie, Soft-Rock, Pop-Rock
SIVLE (Elvis spelled backwards and pronounced “civil”) is a versatile Indie and Soft-Rock band from Brantford Ontario Canada, belting out original tunes and an arsenal of legendary tunes from the 50s - Today. SIVLE is a family oriented band consisting of Joan Minnery on lead vocals, her son Bill Minnery on lead guitar, her brother Bob Minnery aka bigEZbob on rhythm acoustic and Dan Taylor on bass and drums. While SIVLE is primarily a cover band; SIVLE went into the recording studio in the sum
Jeffrey D. JamesRock Country folk
Jeffrey D. James is a brilliant musician, singer songwriter, guitarist and performer. Jeffrey’s authentic style allows him to deliver nearly any genre of music with a fire and intensity that will soothe your soul or get you’re feet shuffling. His extraordinary career has been a real-life rock & roll life, having shared the stage with Guns & Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction with his band Cathouse on Warner Bro. in his Glam Rock days. Through his process, Jeffrey has had the ra
Desperate Measurespsychedelic Rock
Dirty Little MistressElectronica
Female vocals on top of expertly mastered electronica by a genius. ...
Sharon M BlondinCountry , Folk, Spiritual
I have been a singer since I was 5 as my family played instruments and loved to sing as I do. I wrote my first song at 15 . I went to my room after someone left a guitar at our house and A neighbor taught me 3 chords so I went to my room and wrote my first Original song (MaMa) and won on a dare that I would need to learn some kind of musical instrument to play at my boyfriends parents hunt camp. They became my first Audience 3 weeks later and I have never stopped singing. I practice new and old
Sharon BlondinCountry , Folk, Spiritual
Hi I am a singer songwriter I have been singing since I was 5 and when I was 15 someone left their guitar over the weekend at my parents place. I wrote my first song in 20 minutes, called (MaMa) a fictional story. and knew I had to come up with the music... I used to babysit next door and the woman there owned a guitar it only had 5 strings on it but she showed me 3 chords and I learned them over 3 weeks time, because I was told by my boyfriends parents if I was to join the music gang at the hun
Carly BakSinger/Songwriter
Carly Bak Singer/Songwriter Soulful/Gutsy/Country/Blues Carly's songs and vocal style fall somewhere between Etta James, Linda Ronstadt and Patsy Cline. Carly’s songs reflect her raw intuition and sixth sense of humor...She's Got Moxie and delivers with Grit, Gravel, and Grandeur! ~ Citrus Chronicle ...
Two younger beatniks from the 60s arrive on a time machine to change the direction of modern music. we are the new Beats of the new decade and come with 2020 vision, since we both got new eyeballs transplanted recently. sharp vision, sharp ears ,sharp wits, sharp pencils writing witty wonderful lyrics. yes sir. watch out now. ...
Robert WatsonInstrumental
I have been an instrumental artist for twelve years. I have released nine digital albums from 2009 to now. I play guitar, bass and keyboards. I am a one man band. I call myself “The Eclectic Music Man” because my music is very eclectic. I fused my musical sound with touches on Psychedelic Rock, R&B, Jam Band, Blues Rock, Jazz Rock, Funk & Soul. My main influence is Jimi Hendrix. He was the main one who made me want to pick up the guitar. ...
Chrystalix EDM Electronic/alternative country, R* B,Tribute Cover
Kevin Michael Kappler has been writing lyrics, songs, and performing Cover Tribute Songs (pink Floyd,ozzy ozbourne,Eagles, And Many Others) ...
CP FletcherIndie Electronic
45 years rolled into 45 minutes. This pretty much sums up Songs of Loss, the debut album by A Permanent Shadow. A name that refers equally to areas of the moon untouched by sunlight, the after effects of nuclear disaster and human skin peculiarities, for the band’s founder it represents melancholy, nostalgia and other sentiments usually traceable on the darker side of human life. The ten songs on the album take us on a musical journey through the life of its creator. Lyrically the record por                                            ©2015-2016                                           All Rights Reserved

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