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OcupadoIndie Garage Rock
Global Warning
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Maverick Gaither
Many are called, but few are chosen. Maverick’s debut CD ‘Be My Music’ reached #1 on London’s Soul Charts, and stayed on the charts for 4 months. Singer/songwriter Maverick Gaither, a Brooklyn native has been playing the saxophone since age 11, and has been playing in nightclubs since age 15. Maverick chose the saxophone because he liked the name, the look and sound of the instrument. After graduating from Erasmus Hall High School of Music and Art in Brooklyn, NY, Maverick joined the arm
Miss Helencountry,bluegrass,classical,southern gospel
i was born in a little town in South Georgia, baby daughter of Eugene and Addie Mitchell.Started singing on radio at age 8 , then sang with The Mitchell Family, traveling Ala,Fla,Ga., then I married and sang with BJ and The Country Boys. then I traveled with my son Keith singing at different churches. I married and sang as The McCall Family. 1986 I began singing on WMTM Radio in Moultrie Ga for 14 years after I had my own Radio and TV Program Steps Of Faith Ministry. I began writinf, composing,
Mark WoodburnRock
I have been playing the guitar for over ten years and have an undying passion for it. I have recently begun to write my own music and plan to promote it over the coming months. I hope you too will join me on this journey. ...
omni verma
Stan LewisCountry
Just a singer/songwriter ...
Courtney YasminehAlternative/folk/punk/rock ...
Mike HarwoodUrban Funk
Mike Harwood aka Cruiserman is a singer/songwriter guitarist who resides in the West Coast of Cornwall (UK). Started in the music business as a Decca Records artist and session guitarist. Music style is described as “warm funk for a cold day” combines elements of fusion, smooth funk, R&B, soul, blues and acid jazz. ...
Life On FireAlternative Rock
We are a Los Angeles, California based Alternative Rock band featuring singer/guitarist Damon Barnett, Keyboardist Guiseppe Caruso and bassist Orazio Parisi. Life on Fire has an unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic and stylistically eclectic songs—suggesting a range of influences from Classic Rock to New Wave. We are truly an indy band that does everything ourselves from recording, mixing, mastering, and all artwork. ...
Tony Marino (Official)Latin Jazz
Tony Marino is an eclectic and innovative artist who is breaking industry conventions with his new release “Thank You for the Music”. In a time when artists are trying to “hide” their background and refuse to acknowledge were they come from, Tony is not afraid to highlight his musical background and pay homage to his favorite artists. Originally from Philly, now residing in Ft. Wayne IN, Tony seamlessly wows listeners with a stunningly diverse musical vocabulary, encompassing genres such as
Benny S Da TribeR&B
Benny S pops on the scene writing, singing and arranging all his own lyrics, vocals and harmonies. His hit song ""Victim Of The Game"" was #9 on the European Indie Charts for 2016. His newer releases ""Trust aka KCCO"" charted there as well as ""Keep It Together feat. S.L.I"". Pandora Radio was so impressed by his music that they gave him his own station. He now has over 1,000,000 spins making him a Platinum indie artist on Pandora Radio. ...
Bizza Caviar
Dee Hemingway
“You have the drive, passion & talent what are you waiting for? Introduce the world to your VOICE!" - Billy Branch, International Blues Legend Hailing from Augusta, GA (Home of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown), Dee Hemingway is the quintessential entertainer. Never one to slow down on a musical opportunity, Dee is a dramatic, soulful mezzo-soprano vocalist who can sing darn near any style of music. In fact, she is the total package. She sews most of her stage outfits and actual
Kool FocusRap/Hip Hop
Chris H, better known as K.F.1 (Kool Focus) defines the true meaning of hip hop in its purest form. Born in Chicago IL during some of the cities highest murder rates, street gangs & poverty stricken neighborhoods, his mothers decision to relocate to Lansing MI would go on to become a factor in his desire to use creativity to provide a better means for his family. “At the time I didn’t know what it was; I just knew what I witnessed growing up wasn’t what I wanted out of life. I had to find a way
B WayHip Hop
Q. During your early childhood what inspired you to startmaking music? A.In Astoria Queens i must have been around 10 years old my bedroom faced the the cut where all the real folk use to throw parties every weekend in the summer it was turnt up. I use to look at all the cats having fun the DJ mixing and the crowd reacting it was poetry. Q. Your top 5 Favorite Albums A.My Top 5 fav albums wow that's a hard one i have so many fav albums, 1.) Enta Da Stage / Black Moon 2.) Illmati
IamUnknownRap/Hip Hop/EDM/R&B
New artist from the city of Philadelphia. Bringing in a new sound to the city. Started back in 1999 Unknown have toured opened for Big Named Artist and has acted in stage plays around the nation. With this new sound Unknown Is looking to bring his new sound to the world by delivering all types of music from pop to R&B. Landing his first deal with the understanding company TATE MUSIC GROUP In 2009 from there he would start to enjoy the love of music and creating a sound no one has heard before .
ChosenOneRap/Hip Hop
Lamark ""CHOSEN"" Butler was born in Port Chester, New York on January 16th 1983 and grew up in Richmond / Amelia Va. Growing up in Virginia, Chosen became a star basketball player. Chosen began too realize that basketball wasn't his true passion, music was his ultimate dream. So he began to chase that dream and became 1 of the best MCs in his area. He was influenced by a handful of local artists that gave him the drive and motivation to stand out amongst other artist. By his senior year of hig
CloseHighRap/Hip Hop
Close High is a multi-faceted creator diving through the layers of reality. Chiseling every corner and realm with his lyrics, he has questions in need of answers and is destined to find the truth. Reigning from The Bronx, NY for over 23 years - where wide ranges of music from Hip Hop to Salsa beat the streets - has provided him with the drive to create. ...                                            ©2015-2016                                           All Rights Reserved

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