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I'm Dario Lastella an Italian engineer and musician who lives in Catalonia (Spain).
I'm here because of my passion for music.
I'm a guitarist, producer and songwriter and last year I decided to discover what people think about my band's music (my band is named if).
So we signed on some musical sites to collect opinions... well the best result we reached is a #1 on IAC Classical charts with our tune "I wish"!
It's a great honour, especially on this hi-quality site!!!
Now I decided to come into the pipeline: I hope it will be the chance to know more artists and to reach more listeners.
Thank you for visiting my page,

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Gina French

      6/18/2006 8:41:35 PM Add Comment
Hello Dario,

Just thought I'd drop a hello your way! I'll bet it's hot in Spain, it sure is, here in Utah..:0 Anyway, I hope that your recording plans are going well. I wish you many blessings and many magical suprises.
Stay in touch my friend...

Love, Gina

Shauna Skye_

      3/30/2006 12:36:58 AM Add Comment
Hi! Thanks for dropping by my page. I put one of your songs on the request station. :)


      3/6/2006 11:59:58 AM Add Comment
Hi everyone!
I'm new here and my very first time writing in a personal blog...
Well, today I'm just trying it thanks to the opportunity IAC gives me to reach and talk with the other listeners and artists.
I hope I'll know many people here and it's true: this is the real capital of Indie World!
In the next days I'll write more about my musical activity with if and other musical projects I'm working on...
For today that's all.

Petacciato / Arenys de Munt Italy / Spain view more pics...