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About Me
life summary
When things go wrong, they go wrong in the best possible way...
I live for…
My wife. My kids. My music.
I despise
Bigotry of any type. Oh, and brussel sprouts.
self-chosen nickname
Düf Qineephe
life turning point
The births of my children.
in 10 years I'll be
in 10 minutes I'll be
Back to work.
experience of high strangeness
Nothing is strange. And everything is strange.
most overrated
Radiohead. Adam Sandler.
most underrated
Emitt Rhodes. Rob Reiner.
my advice to you
Stay gold...
I was born to suffer --- a lifelong Cubs fan.
I, like Scott could read by age 3.
I knew all the words to all the songs from [i]Man Of La Mancha[/i] by age 2. So that was my first movie, strangea choice as that may be. (Aaaaah, Sophia as Dulcinea!)
When I caught myself playing air guitar to Judas Priest's "Heading Out To the Highway" in front of my full-length mirror at age 13, I knew that I wanted to learn for real. Quit my lessons after 6 months and proceeded to learn by jamming along with my records, first it was to The Beatles, Stones, and Santana. Then I discovered the Meat Puppets and the world opened from there. No I learned by jamming along to the Pups, Television, and The Replacements.

After several bands and 15 years of playing my own songs, I finally released a proper albu, with my band Hop On Pop. YAY!

But even more than that I am proud of my family -- wife and 2 amazing little boys. (The oldest just got [i]his[/i] first Strat for Christmas last year!) And the cycle goes on...

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