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Press Release: Walt Cronin & Martin Beal Gone So Long 2013

Walt’s new CD: “ Gone So Long,” is Walt’s latest collaboration with friend and musician Martin Beal.“ Gone So Long,” is a batch of 12 songs that express a longing for all things past and hope for all things future. Written in Walt’s eclectic style covering Folk, Country and Americana with Rock overtones. Martin’s amazing array of musicality and arrangements combined with Walt’s lyrical strengths and songwriting skills have created a powerful and embracing album.
As always, Walt’s lyrical phrasings evoke pictures and stories that stretch the imagination while grounding you in the human condition. His last CD: California I Gotta Run was listed in the top twenty country albums of 2010 by Any Major Dude With Half A Heart. It also peaked at # 2 on Roots / Americana Country Internet Airplay Chart in October of the same year. Released as an internet radio album, this new CD will be available on both terrestrial and internet medias.
His first CD: “ The Gousters,” released in 2005 was a collaboration with Zander Schloss, an actor-musician who has also written with the late Joe Strummer and Scott Weiland. This was Walt’s late entry into the Los Angeles music scene at the tender age of 50.
“The Gousters” remained in the top 50 on Roots Music Report Folk Chart for 60 weeks.
His diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress from his stint as a medic in the Vietnam war prevents Walt from performing but his lyrical style is described here by Brenda Barbee, Staff Reviewer of
Roots Music Report. “But there is a great deal more to their music than just great sound. Listen closely to the lyrics, for they reveal extraordinary songwriting talent. Within those lyrics is a rich experiential content that could only be produced by one who has strong emotional ties to the theme.”
Though a late runner in the songwriting styles he emulates such as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Johnny Cash and Emmy Lou Harris to name only a few, Walt has strengthened his gifts immeasurably on this, his 4th release with the combined efforts of his friend, producer, arranger and musician Martin Beal of The Racket Room in Santa Ana, CA.
Songs conveying strong components of our hopes staying alive in troubled times along with his unique glimpses into human emotions and a poignant song of a loved one lost inevitably in our singular paths in life. Perhaps these songs can be listened to in the key of insight.
Contact Information:
Walt Cronin
13428 Maxella Ave. # 611
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
310 398 2390

Walt Cronin's release of California I Gotta Run, his third album, follows 2005's The Gousters and 2008's

somewhat redundantly titled Walt Cronin - The Gousters. As with the previous records, California I Gotta

Run features a spectrum of Americana/folk influences: Walt proudly emulates the tradition of his heroes

such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, John Prine, Rodney Crowell Emmy Lou Harris, Jerry Jeff

Walker and Steve Earle. As an artist, Walt came into his own at the tender age of 50. A lifetime of

experiences (including a stint as a medic during the Vietnam War and a subsequent semi-nomadic life)

provide ample inspiration for subject matter in the numerous songs in his repertoire.

Walt spent over a year writing and crafting songs for California I Gotta Run before bringing them to his

producer, Martin Beal of The Racket Room in Santa Ana, CA. Walt and Martin spent several months on

and off in the studio fine tuning and enhancing the 13 songs. Walt's goal was to reflect the sincerity of folk

music history while placing the songs in a contemporary setting. The collaborators achieved their aims

with Martin providing detailed arrangements and a fine editing ear while playing a myriad of instruments

(guitars, keyboards, bass, mandolin, melodica, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, as well as performing all

drum programming).

The songs on the new album deal with a range of very personal, introspective issues, some dark and

troubled (relationships tainted by substance abuse), some benevolent and almost fatherly (respectful,

heartfelt advice to today's returning war veterans from someone who has been there), some whimsical (a

1950s-flavored teenage love story). Overall, the album is largely formed by the hope Walt has found by

facing the persistent demons from his wartime experience.

"Awake In A Dream" is an ethereal voyage of the mind and heart, soaring the listener into an almost

transcendental state. Walt's long time love for his wife shows in other beautiful songs such as "Together

We'll Be," and "Shining Through." "Angel Wings" is inspired by his Grandfather's philosophy of life. "A Boy

Of Purest Wonder" is the story of a young man reaching for his dreams in a time long past. "California I

Gotta Run" is about fulfilling a dream of rural simplicity. All the songs, whether whimsical, heartfelt or laced

with grim regret, are woven with the care of Walt's quality story-telling and songwriting and are beautifully

arranged and produced with friend Martin Beal. Listeners will be entranced listening to Walt's stories on

California I Gotta Run.

"The success of my first CD, The Gousters, as an independent release was incredibly gratifying." says

Walt. Walt made all 13 songs on The Gousters available for free downloading on www.thegousters.com. It

has remained a favorite on the independent folk radio circuit with songs such as "Make Me A Kinder Man"

and "Only Eighteen", a memoir of his time in Vietnam. The Gousters remained in the top 50 for 60 weeks

on Roots Music Report.

Walt's second album, Walt Cronin - The Gousters, garnered flattering reviews from Beeb Ashcroft of

Indie-music.com and Sharon Lunsford of The Back Porch News. "Tender and introspective songs with the

kind of realness and authenticity that is becoming quite rare." said Ashcroft.

Walt's third independent release shows a significant growth in Walt's songwriting gifts.

" I think this is my best work yet, " quotes Walt. "I hope you'll feel the same," he adds.

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12/26/2012 8:33:20 AM
Press Release: Walt Cronin & Martin Beal Gone So Long 2013

7/30/2011 2:55:28 PM
"Angel Wings" is "Song of the Day" on www.songshooter.com :)

7/7/2010 8:05:19 PM
Walt Cronin - California I Gotta Run new release june 2010

1/26/2010 12:56:19 PM
New CD Compilation "Until You Come Home"

7/10/2009 9:08:25 PM
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      12/24/2012 11:14:25 AM Add Comment
I'm pleased to announce that pre-release demo CDs of our new album: Walt Cronin & Martin Beal Gone So Long are being released to radio stations via http://www.radiosubmit.com/rs/bands/361/
or just listen to the full streaming tunes please go to SoundCloud:
Thankyou !
Walt Cronin


      6/30/2009 4:11:12 PM Add Comment
By Beeb Ashcroft Indie-Music.com

Quote: "Tender and introspective songs with the kind of realness and authenticity that is becoming quite rare."

An engaging collection of folk rock tunes, Walt Cronin's The Gousters is a homespun and charming effort. Warm, earthy sounds envelope the listener as Cronin delivers work that is solidly written with a compelling sincerity. Many of these songs are about war, often sounding like the contemporary answer to the folk protest songs of 1960s artists like Pete Seeger.

Penned by Vietnam veteran Cronin in relation to his personal experiences, the themes of his music still resonate in today's world. "Flowers In Her Hand " is the story of a young war widow, while "The Rift" narrates Cronin's own inner struggles dealing with his experiences as a Navy Corpsman. Regardless of the listener's personal views, we all acknowledge the human sacrifice that war entails. While there are obviously political themes on here, for the most part these are intimate, personal recollections based on his own life.

The sweet, almost naive sensibilities of the music is juxtaposed to the stories Cronin tells about the aftermath of war; this sad contrast evokes a feeling of innocence lost. But Cronin's underlying optimism and hope is a thread throughout the album â?? and this is ultimately a story of healing, and of love prevailing. And love does prevail: "You Are The Light" is a gentle, romantic ballad that ends the album on an uplifting note.

These are tender and introspective songs with the kind of realness and authenticity that is becoming quite rare. Cronin shows his craftsmanship for twangy, down-home rock on cuts such as "Like A Day Like Today" and "The Rift," my two favorite cuts from this record. Cronin has a lot of stories to tell, and I will look forward to hearing more of them in the future.


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      10/17/2007 12:04:01 PM Add Comment
Hi: Walt Cronin here. Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about the recent happenings with our CD "The Gousters." We're currently listed at #15 on California Roots Music Report. We also were notified by our publisher Heyday Media Group that 3 of the songs off our CD are slated to be on the soundtrack of an independent film comedy called
"Last Call at Murrays." ( check IMDb ) We're thrilled with the positive reviews and building attention of our CD written by myself and Zander Schloss.

Thanks for Listening,
Walt Cronin


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