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Joe Hunt -
Lead Vocalist - i.e. The Singer with Irish Rock band "Indian"

"Hi... I don't say a lot on stage... never did! Any political or religious views I have or don't have are left in my local, 'Shoot the Crows', & even there you'll find me quiet. So when asked to do this I frowned, ...FROWNED I TELLS YA.

So here goes. I'm a singer, always have been from the age of ten; my first band was with my two sisters which Mum managed, (thanks for the start Mum). In my teens I joined a band called Reverb (classy name). That's where I met Martin, and I've been singing with him since (O.K. I stressed him out when I was 22 & fecked off to the States for 3 years)

But I think everything clicked when Christy joined; I could finally say yes, I'm in a fuckin' band (sorry Mum). Christy is much more than an excellent drummer; his workload on arrangements and in the studio far outweighs mine.

Singing may at times feel like 'a job', but it never feels like work. Martin, well what can I say about a life long friend without sounding gay... I think anyone who knows the lyrics of an Indian song knows why I sing with Indian. Any singer, writer, or painter who knows what it's like to get lost in their work knows why I do this... the rest of you... well whadya gonna do.
Aidan... Christy's right - 'our life saviour'. I wouldn't be frowning over this if it wasn't for you... but it's a good frown... a cool frown. Thanks Rob for everything we hear on Blue Flowers, Pat... always a pro... and Paul, great job on the album & at the gigs.

One last thing; heroes living and dead - thank you... Mr Mercury, Mr Lennon, Mr Young, Mr Waites, Mr Bowie, Mr Sinatra, Ms Franklin, Mr Hewson, Mr Wilson, Mr Hicks... the list goes on. To my friends and family, thank you for being... Ahhh, the frown is lifting".

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