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The band till was formed in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, at the beginning of the year 2002, by a group of musicians from different local or established bands. The original till line-up has not changed since. The music of till can be described as a mixture of what has been good in the 50-year-old history of alternative rock music: from the '60s North American folk music of Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, the pop avant-garde of the Velvet Underground and The Stoogees, the new wave sound of the Joy Division, the Birthday Party and The Smiths, to the punk music of the Sex Pistols and the noise of the Sonic Youth and the Radiohead. All in all, indie rock music in general has had a driving influence on the music of this foursome. Apart from doing gigs in clubs across the country, the band have proved themselves as a furious and exciting live act performing at events such as the EXIT Festival (two years in a row) and RESTART, which was held before a numerous audience at the Club Paradiso in Novi Sad. The band has recently finished recording songs for their debut album.

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