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Ethereal is “The One Woman Army”. Using her pen as a sword, she cuts through the walls she erected on her debut album, Mythillogical and lays bare her soul on her upcoming EP, Albatross.

Simultaneously taking on the demons from an abusive childhood and speaking loud and clear about the state of the world today, Ethereal expertly blends her two foremost passions in songs like, “Baby Blue” and “This is Rome”.

With deep, sensual vocals reminiscent of a reincarnated Nico and a modern day Annie Lennox, Ethereal sings with a beautiful combination of catharsis and renewal.

Part vigilante, part fallen angel, Ethereal takes you on a journey through light and dark, discovering that there is truth not in one or the other, but in between.

Like a present day Ancient Mariner, sword replacing sail, she wears her albatross proudly; telling a tale you’ll never tire of hearing.

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Ash Thank you for requesting AMA on Jam Night. That was very sweet!
Ash Hiya Ethereal. Dropping by to say hello to you. This is such a coool station. Nice. Thanks for the linkage to the Chosez station.
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