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About Me
life summary
I'm a small girl from a small town in MA. Not too much to report. I don't know where I'll be come the end of the summer/fall. Hopefully seeing shows taking pictures somewhere. I'll have to get back on this one.
I live for…
MUSIC, MORE LIVE MUSIC.... PHOTOGRAPHY (shows, and nature mostly) and ummm my boyfriend. YES
I despise
anyone who lives life for possessions. Be true to yourself and you'll see the light. Anyone who disrespects anything for no good reason.
self-chosen nickname
my name is a nickname. That's what I was given. But I like it cause not too many girls have my name.
life turning point
when my mother passed away reciently. that's all I have to say about that.
in 10 years I'll be
hell if I know.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Leaving to go to eat @ massiminios~ yumm
experience of high strangeness
I work for an alternative weekly newspaper, I've developed pictures at a 1 hour stop. I've been to Providence clubs... I've seen weird. nuf said.
most overrated
DRIVING, although I hate public trans. more so...there's no winning. I'm sure i can think of others but not right now
most underrated
UNWOUND- if you havn't heard of them you should really invest in an album. They no longer rock it but I can never get enough
my advice to you
listen to more music...and don't disrespect.
I'm hear to listen to new bands. I'm really into rock/alternative. I'm always interested in the music scene and hopefully will find many bands to enjoy on IAC.

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Ash Hiya Rockchick22! Stopping by to show some rocklove.
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