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Musician for 30 years. Usually married to Rebecca, 2 kids and a cat. Life could be much, much worse; things could always be better.
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My kids
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is don't listen to advice. Oh, and just be nice to each other and all the problems of the world can be solved.
50 n.o.

Bat held high I salute then bow
To the mere handful in attendance now;
Not quite as I imagined the occasion or ovation
(Guard down, eyes down, I tamp down another imperfection).

So far: no evidence of Fiery Freddie's flare
Or Geoffrey's jaw-jutting indomitable air;
I scrape each apologetic singleton
My way: one by one by sorry one.

Unadventurous strokes begat not a chance,
Not a lofty six, nor even a third man-wise glance;
So a forest grew by the boundary
'Til you couldn't see the ashen me for trees.

OK. Celebration over, bat back to the crease
To await the next pounding charge, the ball's release:
Slash! Whack! A chance! Do I stand still, amazed
By the umpire's index finger(s) raised?
Or duck! Pray! Leave it! Hope it's wide?
You (who know me best), you decide.

Thanks for dropping in. As you can see from the pic I am quite a sweet guy but I am falling apart at the moment. Help yourself to anything I have two of, well almost anything - I have plenty of spares as you can see.

Thanks again for calling . Check out the links to my favourite people - new ones added all the time. Take care and all the best - Al

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srm   Another hard working gigging musician, the like of which I have the greatest respect. Such wit and originality is hard to surpass.

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Al This music is Brian's Seren X - my favourite people picking their favourite songs - how much better can it get?
Ash heehe! you are cute! got your shout. You and I are two of a kind I think.
Ash Have fun at your gig today! Wish I were there.
Ash Great songs here. Summer Breeze. really nice performance. I haven't heard this artists music before. nice!
Betty Ash has to choose one, then up it goes...
Betty thanks a lot for all this, I really appreciate it
Betty thanks a lot for all this, I really appreciate it
Betty no, whenever I remember, I rotate the songs - I noticed that if I change the song order on my page, the play rate is affected, so I thought everyone shoulkd be first up on the serenduoity pages for a week or so at least
Betty (again) I've been awake for nearly 24 hours, please excuse typos
Phil Streets Thanks Al for adding Zeros and Ones to your station and for the kind words. You made my day.
Vicky Hey Al! I was looking at Fridge letter magnets the other day and couldn't help but smile! Hope you're doing well in that Yorkish place! :-)) Very nice page!!!!
srm You honour me more than I deserve. I can't help but be reciprocal (x2). BTW, I love your Alexei Sayle quote.
Jilly Just popped in because I noticed Young Al was active on the 'songs now playing' also noticed lots originated from myspace - don't understand that but I keep learning things - nice play list here.
Noel Lorica Thanks for adding me to you playlist. It really is a pleasant surprise. I'm also thankful because it is giving my songs additional hits as I can see on the new daily log. Appreciate it.
Al - Al Stravinsky Just found a moment to put together a little playlist - it's not complete yet, but I love each and every one of these people and their songs.
betty - 37158 Thanks for championing last Dance (you know, that spelling doesn't look right at all...)
Al The playlist is set for random play, so don't worry if you're at no. 10 or whatever, they all come around.
Al And before you ask, Bertie Bassett is a Sheffield lad too
JAWZ Hey this is spooky, came on to see why landlocked was getting so many plays and bumbed into Bertie Bassett - How did you know he was my hero - Jilly
JB bumbed = bumped of course
Jilly Have you heard my latest "L A S"
Jilly PS I put Bertie back, felt sorry that he missed out on his bit of glory
Gilly Ignore me Al - I just popped in to use the toilet.And have a bit of a nose around. Wel - ta-ta then.
Ramiro Bo
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      8/12/2006 1:09:18 AM Add Comment
Hate cricket, love poem!
Hate undeletable shouts
written and verbal!
Love exclamation marks
written and verbal!

Al Stravinsky

      7/16/2006 11:11:17 AM Add Comment
Hi everyone. Please excuse the very English (nay Yorkish) nature of the poem. It's a cricketing metaphor for my life so far - if you're American you just won't get it I'm sorry: cricket is a slow, thoughtful, absorbing, scientific, skillful game beyond compare. And a game can last five (5) days. I prefer football myself (soccer) but cricket worked better.

Thanks for calling in Rich and Ash. That's great company for starters. All downhill from here... ;-)


      7/16/2006 10:50:07 AM Add Comment
Hiya Al! Your page looks terrific. So glad to be connected with you here on Pipeline. Thank you so much for the linkage. We're now pipelined together. ha! Have a great time at your Gig today. Wish I were there. -ash


      7/11/2006 5:15:16 PM Add Comment
Hey Al! I just noticed this link on my page! My wife's name is Rebeca (one c) I have three kid's, you have two. I have two cat's, you have one! Amazing, we must write songs together! Take care.


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