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"Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through, Life's been good to me so far." Joe Walsh
my advice to you
Get on with it.... Loose the baggage and get on with living life to the fullest! NO regrets.
The magic of music is that it is alive and moving, triggering feelings, emotions, and your mind and body respond to those sensations. If what I’m listening to provokes a response in me that others might also feel, that song will be here on my list.

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worthy songs   Many flavors of alternative, rock, indie, progressive, and others that are “worthy” This is a nice big play list to keep the beats for some time if you click on the play all button.
Sandman's Songbirds   Gerat mix ;-)
My Station   A lot of great songs on this station! Same taste in selections.
Rock Goddess   WOW! A groove'n station I can listen to in the office around all those tie-to-tight pencil-pushing cry babbies! I want to listen to good music not whiney co-workers...
Greatest Clicks   THare are a lot of "great clicks" on this station!
Tim Sanders   Unreal! So so good ;)
Selon Recliner  
Seven Reasons  
Heavy Rotation   Very gooooood mix.... THKS!
Heavy Rotation  

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AZs Random picks from all flavors.
AZs Turn it up and get a little crazy!
AZs Female Vocals Only station
AZs Rock & Blues

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