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About Me
life summary
I'm a College Student currently finishing off my college days as a Senior at Nichols College. I'm a Human Resource Management Major. All my life I have supported Indie bands and it's what I continue to do.
I live for…
I live for the day because tomorrow could be your last just as well as it could be mine. Carpe Diem!
I despise
I despise women who cheat and lie. Other than that I despise those Indie artists who blow you off because they think they are bigger than you. I am a DJ aka airplay is what I am all about. You never know who is listening however I do work with some of the best people in the Indie world today that make my life so much easier.
self-chosen nickname
Well I don't have a self chosen one however here is a list of nicknames I have gone by most recently: Bud - Nickname given to me in memory of my grandfather Rich - It's short for Richard for those who can't figure that out on their own (most common) DJ R&B - given to me by a good friend named K. Gordon who is an artist manager of who I work with Briggs - my last name and yes it has been a sports thing all my life and it's turned into a college thing too
life turning point
Going to college as that has helped me get down to business and take my future so much more serious.
in 10 years I'll be
Who knows but two things I am looking at: 1. Staying involved in music through promotion of new and upcoming bands or even later on maybe looking into artist management. 2. Sticking with my major and doing something involving the areas of Staffing. Most likely something as a recruiter or a headhunter.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Surfing the web looking for the next band to promote via the power of the radio!
experience of high strangeness
Looking back at it I would have never thought it would lead me to being so heavily involved in music. However back in the day working nights at Dunkin Donuts I met a good friend of my who is known to some as The Fluu and others as Marc Walsh. Fluu got me interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the music business. No one would have ever thought....including me that it would have led to where I am today as a DJ and promoter of New and Upcoming Music.
most overrated
No Clue!
most underrated
No Clue!
my advice to you
Live life to the fullest....Carpe Diem!
I'm a College Radio Station DJ at WNRC 97.5 FM Nichols College Radio who specializes in giving worldwide airplay to New and Upcoming Bands and Artists. I also work with Romulus X Records to send out CDs to College Radio Stations and make sure they get them. I'm all about airplay and that's my main reason for being here!

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Old school ACTUALLY i just wanted to stop by and say welcom to a new horizon, it's good to see you on here, tanks for adding us and the kind words. Spread the love dude
The Wizard X Rich, welcome to ANOTHER world where Indie music dominates and the talent is infinite. May you find on IAC some GREAT music and help expose it to the masses... Peace...
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