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life summary
How does one sum up thier life in 300 or less characters? How does one sum up thier life when it is not yet finished?
I live for…
My Daughter's smile, Joy, Music, Happiness, Tears, Pain that helps one grow, the feeling that comes when you know you helped someone without them knowing it.
I despise
Cheats, Liars, that we allow our soldiers to go into war without proper armor, many political issues at hand now and that people close thier eye's and minds.
self-chosen nickname
life turning point
Well there have been many life turning points for me, one of which was a divorce by my choice and yes it was hard but liberating at the same time.
in 10 years I'll be
Promoting a band that has driven thier friends and families crazy with loud obnoxious noise that over time has been practiced enough, fine tuned and played with excellence. A band or artist that has paid thier dues and done thier homework.
in 10 minutes I'll be
Promoting artists who have already done the above and have mastered thier art! Or trying very hard to master thier art and show a certain determination in seeing themselves succeed!
experience of high strangeness
This is a strange question.
most overrated
Hmm give me a topic.
most underrated
Again topic please.

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