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Hawaii born and raised, I live for the sound.
life turning point
getting my first boat
my advice to you
Don't carve any wooden nickels.

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4/2/2017 4:31:24 PM
I Wish You Were Here for A Day In The Life

3/20/2017 12:48:26 PM
Another Watergate at very least

3/6/2017 5:18:51 PM
Gullibility test for Trump supporters

1/29/2017 3:47:13 AM
Right wing exposed and embarrassed about lack of replacement for Obamacare in secret taped meeting

1/27/2017 7:34:39 PM
What religions do you think Trump should bar from America next?





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cris tanzi thanks again for adding "enough" to your playlist!
Todd (Hop On Pop) Heya Holo, here is the IMDB link for Bullworth -- a film that I think you will enjoy IMMENSELY: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/maindetails
Marigold driver If you have a music site I'd put a song on my station Marigold Meets because you are and influential blogger. Let me know
Beth Fridinger I hope you stay here!
Chris That wasn very tactful...... was it?
holo you're acting like a psycho
bt good posts lately
hzslgdy uPhaUyREZdgMfdgWdE
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American Lesley Jane

      11/26/2015 4:20:09 AM Add Comment
No, Seriously. Think carefully about it before you at all entertain actually throwing gasoline on this fire, 'cause wow... I make no bones about it, it would be about as girly a girly song as I've ever made... and wow I've made some really really girly girl girly songs before... Venus Girl is one of them-that one even has a video that goes with it.

Did I mention that I'm an artist pretty much completely out of my mind most of the time? I take about one day off a year, read the newspaper, nothing special.

American Lesley Jane

      11/26/2015 4:16:26 AM Add Comment
PS... I am hungover as a drunk monkey right now, or I probably would not have even had the silly nerve to say any of this. Again, my apologies, Sir. ~L

American Lesley Jane

      11/26/2015 4:15:23 AM Add Comment
Well! I tried to send an email, but it did not work. At least I got Grodd his song to him. That worked. So anyway... long and short... you have a very melodic name. Couldn't remember it right at first, called you Han Solo... but I got it by now Holo Lukaloa... and it makes me think of a chorus of Hula Hula Girls singing that, "Holo Lukaloa"... I could conceivably make a record
out of it, though I will not, because I would not want to embarrass you, even this post could possibly embarrass you, and my apologies Sir if it has, but anyway, I will actually only
do a song out of your melodic sounding name if you actually said to me "Yes Lesley, please Do make a melodic Hula Girl song out of my name, it'd be fun." or something to that effect. Which frankly, I do not anticipate you doing. Glad we had this chat. ~L

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