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About Me
life summary
I am 19 live in L.A I attend MI in Hollywood.
I live for…
Music and concerts and sex.
I despise
Posers and mean people sux
self-chosen nickname
"Twitch," Because I have so much energy and it's natural.
life turning point
Deciding to say no to my parents about attending Harvey Mudd University and choose to attend MI(Musicians Institute)
in 10 years I'll be
Writing & playing music, not so much rich or famous just happy!
in 10 minutes I'll be
experience of high strangeness
Having sex with 2 lesbians which is funny well cause I dig dudes.
most overrated
Give me a few years
most underrated
Same as above!
my advice to you
Enjoy and live well today! You never know what's going to happen from minute to minute.
Space is left empty for a reason. If you want to know anything just ask. I tell ya every ting! He looka like a man!

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