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About Me
life summary
Born in Sacramento, CA - moved to Las Vegas with the Mom when I was 2 - raised in LV, played some sports, always had a piano around, learned how to play the guitar in 99, went to college, graduated from SDSU in 06 with Political Science and am currently applying to law school, hopefully in Las Vegas.
I live for…
a long life, hopefully
I despise
malevolent actions done to others
self-chosen nickname
Gumber - actually given to me by my dad... he says it describes someone without aim or direction... clueless (sometimes it feels like that!!)
life turning point
still waiting for that...
in 10 years I'll be
in 10 minutes I'll be
done with this hopefully
experience of high strangeness
an unhappily ending love triangle
most overrated
Britney Spears
most underrated
Socialized Services like Health Care
my advice to you
exercise, you'll live longer
Hi, I'm an artist/listener... and I will be mostly listening :)
Thanks for the music!!

Be sure to check out my uncle, Bob Elliott - one of his songs is in the top 50!!!

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