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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 5:26:14 AM
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 5:26:49 AM


Taken from my forthcoming album "Five Little Songs", out later this year on my Bandcamp page (poirot.bandcamp.com)

written/performed at home by George

About a girl I loved almost 20 years ago!
I've been waiting for the bus
Destined for the younger us
I've been fighting for this honeymoon and June will soon be here so I'm not worried about the weather

There's no present like the time
And the timing is sublime
Jumpin' in my comfy seat, I will determine what comes next in order to win back my Heather

Leave your village on the moon
Say goodbye to blue lagoon
This piper hides a tune that can erase/rewrite the past
Fix things and then make 'em last
I'm sorry to disturb you but I'm feeling optimistic and refreshed

If the plan is to go west
I believe you pass the test
I protest though 'cause I'm just a normal guy enjoying revenge and other perks of human nature

I've been laughing in my sleep
And my words became so deep
In my dizzy trip you're welcome to assist me in declaring if I love you or I hate you

Leave your village on the moon
Smash the doors of your saloon
I know you built this dune yet you used up your power
Girl, I'm charging by the hour
Curious and cheap
Uneasy feeling of misjudgment and mistrust
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