Mindless HopeInto the Birth Canal
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Sunday, November 06, 2016 7:58:46 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM


Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane, James Rivera
Lyrics by Mark David
Leads by Rob Covello – (3:50 – 4:06, 4:44 – 5:02, 9:58 – 10:01, 10:52 – 11:04)
Vocals Performed by Mark David & David Elliott III

The Discoverer leaves his homeland in search of a place for new beginnings. He begins to chronicle his journey as he faces choices that could fundamentally change the course of life…
Quickly I ascend the void of empty
Leaving all I’ve known behind
I escape the grasp of gravity

Seemingly bright points of light stretching out from my eyes are making me blind

Infinity is lying before me…
Possibilities all around
This landscape I see’s all consuming
No limits to what can be found
Continuing on with this journey
These physics cannot keep me bound
Resolve to go where they won’t find me
Until I’ve discovered new ground

Engaging the thrust, I propel myself forward leaving only a wake of silence
The daunting momentum lingers on…

Technological advances, catastrophic circumstances, an explosion of the sun

Through the darkness I keep on sliding, heading straight so I don’t get lost

How many days since this first started? How many more to go before I’m there?

The unknown’s causing my nightmares

In the distance a faint blue light begins to grow and becomes bright

Out of the darkness a truly wondrous sight

Gaining more speed, I’m quickly approaching heading straight no matter the cost

Hit the sphere with a fear that I just might be near to a death within a breath of my life

Slam into the blue, infernal fire surrounding, a taste of the life awaiting me on my grounding

Time passes slow as I enter the calm, then a flash and a crash, I explode like a bomb

Waking up I can see there’s much to behold
So many colors overwhelming, will their secrets be told?

There’s more to explore so much left to discover
Big Blue is land on ocean with a dome as a cover

Many creatures running to and fro terrified of the one who burnt their dome

Baring and gnashing their teeth their numbers continue to build and grow

Some fly overhead circling around dropping metal pieces that burn to touch

They cut my flesh and make me bleed. What kind of place is this I’ve found?

Forcing my anger can’t they see that I only want peace and harmony?

More metal pieces tearing me, can’t take much more I start to scream

Placing my hands upon my head I set about to make the aggression cease

Break the mind of every living thing, every single one of them falling dead

In destroying those intent to do me harm, I’ve discovered the fear of difference

Breaking their minds lets me peer inside. Their thirst for war and death makes no sense.

Instead of reaching out they helped bring about their own breaking down of a culture designed to rule and to conquer

Their minds are puny, capable of so much beauty, oftentimes they show their cruelty

What a gift to have and it’s one that they squander!

What have I done? Their death’s been for naught…

And their ending weighs on me…such a tragedy
A total loss of humanity…The Loneliness of Life is sickening
Set right the wrong for eternity
Undo the fault before I leave

Take all I have and plant the seeds…

Seeds that will grow and tell you everything I know
But please take care for what you learn’s for all to share
The guilt I feel will never ever truly disappear
So I’ll watch over you and see everything you do
I’ll be your guide through the peace and war and when you die
To pay for our crimes you can only have a short amount of time
For as I left you long ago you must return to death to know

That the wars you engage and the rage must go

Hope the lesson you’re learning will be enough to keep your soul from burning

My anger was just, you had it coming. All the wars that you lust had you succumbing
Creating anew is what I have to do and maybe you’ll learn here a thing or two
Existence aside life’s a precious gift. Heed the lesson well or you’ll sail adrift
Live your life well, give it some meaning. Make all your days count while you’re still breathing

One more thing before I go, you’ll all be different so let it show
Single and unique it’ll play a huge role on how you advance and how you will grow

Fly into Blue’s sky, soaring high…goodbye x
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