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Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:06:25 AM
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017 10:41:48 PM
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Indie Wavelength


One voice one guitar

(c) 2017 Joel Beaupre music and words.

Reasons why and machines that fly.
Some buzz around, some should never leave the ground.
This I know, and there's nothing up my sleeve:
Were you to go, what a hole in the world you would leave.
I'd ask you to stay, but the hills are far away.
And there blue and cold, even on a clear day.
Leaves fall so we can see the sky through the trees with tears in our eyes.
There are mountains in the sky, if you watch the clouds go by.
The air is calm. An eagle circles high.
How long before memory fails? -like a busted train on rusted rails.
Another town where the world has gone cold.
Looking down at cracks in the road.
Love found was a fistfull of sand.
A little gold to run through our hands.
After all we just needed to be fed.
Day's good and gone. Sun's rays burning red.
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Indie Wavelength
acoustic ballad, indie love, welcome back joel...

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