Joel BeaupreHe Builds a Wall
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017 10:31:22 PM
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017 10:42:48 PM
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layered acoustic guitars, dumb drum beat, proggy bass, double-tracked vocal

(c)2017 Joel Beaupre words and music. All rights reserved.

Secluded I wrote a song about seclusion as if it were artistic Fate
He Builds a Wall
He Digs a Hole
He Draws a Map
He's Wide Awake
See the Lonely Artist Pray
Nothing really matters but the Song
If you can Love make it Today
He can never Stay for very Long
He Builds a Wall - So Beautiful
He Digs a Hole - To China
He Draws a Map - No one can Read
He's Wide Awake - He's nodding out
It might look just like the Sea
But kid you not with though we're Under Ground
Sun yourself if you Agree
Echoing in Flesh to Weigh a Pound
Song Comments

Music Lovers
a listener's rewarded w poetic, thot-provkin' lyrics and a groovy aural patina, after a slow build (it's part of the blueprint lol), touchin' on creative endeavor, and exploration...

Mystery Too
Miss Teary commenting , say I do like the song Joel. Like the way you did the start, and interesting sounds from that guitar and unusual to say the least but found the intro way too long, but guess the digging getting there is a challenge. Get the picture on that wall. Think about that intro. to me less is more, but your the artist I am just the commentator and say what i feel. do like it it once you got it happening Joel. thank you and welcome to Mystery

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