WhitherwardThe Night I Fell For You
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Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:13:54 AM
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 5:06:32 AM
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Love and Disappointment
Music Monsters
Alice M Favorites
Desperado Revue Vol. 2


The first single from our upcoming album, The Night I Fell For You tells an all-too-familiar story.

Whitherward is:
Ashley Norton - vocals, acoustic guitar
Edward Williams - vocals, acoustic guitar
Patrick Hershey - acoustic upright bass
Stephanie Groot - acoustic violin
with special guest:
Tony King - drums, percussion

produced by: Whitherward
engineered by: Edward Williams, Max Masano
recorded at: Gold Cap Studios, Scottsdale, AZ
mastered by: Kedron Porter
cover design by: Edward Williams
cover photo by: Howard Ignatius

The night I fell for you
Was the night that I went numb
To everything that mattered
Or maybe I was drunk?
The night I fell for you
Was the moment that I knew
You're all I've ever wanted
After all that I've been through

The night I fell for you
Was the same night I met you

The night I fell for you
You asked me to dance
People stopped to judge us
'Cause they didn't like romance
The night I fell for you
Was the worst night of my life
You told me you could love me
But you couldn't leave your wife

The night I fell for you
The night I fell for you
Was the same night I lost you

The night I fell for you... x
Song Comments

Love and Disappointment
This is a bit of a departure for a band I really love. It's a sad story, perfect for this station. The backing is the shining star in this song, orchestral, beautiful. I love it so much.

an orchestral tapestry, with charmin' vocal, three part harmonies, and a chorus at home in any music era, tasty pizzicata strings and cello part, sweepin'...

Music Monsters
Pretty ballad is song 103 of 103! Love the addition of the violin and the bass. Wonderful harmonies with Edward and the lady guitarist. I am a guy who pays close attention to lyrics and the message of a song. Glad the night of falling was also the worst night, as I am all about loyalty and marital fidelity. (See many of my blurbs.) How did you film much of this singing from a moving motorbike? People should watch the video; the outtakes at the end cracked me up; LOL! Very nice ballad, Whitherward! You have a very nice body of work methinks.

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