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Saturday, April 08, 2017 8:07:07 PM
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Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:31:17 PM
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Eve's Hooky Cookie
Groovy and 60's Style


Alternative rock

Written by: Sharon Middendorf
Published by: Ten Wings Music, ASCAP

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Eve's Hooky Cookie
wow wow wow this rocked my body! What a sexy voice, I like guys but the girl singer turned me on. Lose my mind, I think I will!

Groovy and 60's Style
Now in the Kayak Big 25! Hi again Sharon! I probably have already lost my mind, so can you write a song for me called "Find Your Mind?" If you notice, I give careful thought to the placement of my songs. Every artist here is a shining star! I just cannot put 80 songs (with more to come) into 10 slots, right? Notice that I put you squarely next to Sheryl Crow, the 9x Grammy Award Winner. She and Norah Jones, also a winner of 9 Grammies, are my Top 2 female solo artists. (I will see and hear Norah here in Omaha in concert in less than 2 weeks!) I put you right next to Sheryl because this song could fit in very nicely with her 1998 "The Globe Sessions." Listen and see if you agree with me!

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