The Coming of AgeOrdinary Man
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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The Best of Time's
The Quieter Side of Father Time


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I find it hard to believe
I am in your league
In my dreams I have conceived
Of such make believe

That sunset, can't forget, silhouette, fancy meeting me
Ordinary me

What spaceship brought you around?
Making deep space sounds
This Earthling knows what he's found
Tongue-tied and dumbfound

Come place me, come face me
Come make me 'till I understand
'Cause I'm an ordinary
Oh I'm plenty
Ordinary man

I go stroll and promenade
proud of the world I've made
and I never could invent
One so Heaven-sent

I see you, I hear you, I feel you
Are you touching me?
It's all to much for
Ordinary me

~Orchestral instrumental break

You know I try to be something
but I only turned out to be the most normal guy you ever met

She knows me, she shows me
She chose me
Why, I have no clue
What is wrong with you?

She comes walking down the beach
Close but out of reach
Sweet delicious Georgia Peach
I want all she can teach

Come wake me, come shake me
Come break me out of my rut if you can

You are extraordinary
Oh you're plenty
I don't really need to understand

'cause I'm an ordinary
Oh I'm plenty
Or-din-ar-y, man

Oh... x
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The Quieter Side of Father Time
written by Lesley but it's about me it turns out.

The Best of Time's
about the most normal guy on the face of this earth

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