David NyroFlying Over the Ocean, featuring Tiana Pye
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Monday, April 17, 2017 12:42:18 AM
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Sunday, May 28, 2017 9:20:45 PM
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Energetic, spirited, driving, fun, melodic, uplifting, inspirational. If you like Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, and other melodic pop-rock, you might dig this.

Words and music: David Nyro
Vocals: Tiana Pye
Piano/keys, acoustic guitar: David Nyro
Acoustic and electric guitars, bass: Jakael Tristram
Drums/percussion: Jakael
Engineer: Jakael Tristram
Producers: David Nyro and Jakael Tristram
Recorded in various home studios in the Seattle area.

This song was actually another song I wrote, inspired by REM. We changed the lyrics and picked up the tempo to create a song that we are pitching to Disney for an upcoming nature film. We shall see...
There are two versions; one with me singing lead, one with Tiana Pye singing lead, which is the version that's here. Hope you like. Thanks for listening.
Flying Out Over the Ocean
© March 30, 2017 David

Sailing out over the ocean
Dancing on waves of emotion
Singing my song,
Feeling so strong

Nothing can keep me from shining
now that I’ve found my silver lining
It sparkles so true
It glitters for you

Open your eyes to the wonder of sea and sky
Drink with your senses from the richness of life
Life is a dream, where we can fly, fly

Flying out over the ocean
Imagining those lost horizons
like the ones in your eyes,
Seen in your eyes.
Leaving my troubles behind me
Goin’ where no one will find me
You’ll know where I’ll be,
free as the sea
Oh, you know where I’ll be,
free as the sea

Open your eyes to the wonder of sea and sky
Drink with your senses from the richness of life
Life is a dream, in which we can fly,
‘Cause life is a dream, where we can fly fly
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This is a cinematic sort of song. The lady singer is likable. Great production. Would be good with a video too.

RKR - Rhythm Kings Radio
Catchy, toe tapping chair-dancer. Bright and lively.

Music Monsters
David Nyro and band are now amongst my featured artists and David is now the first of three featured male artists. He includes lovely and groovy ladies as a huge bonus too! Thanks for giving me a "SHOUT" David! That truly began a great and long-lasting friendship between you and me and your incredible music. Thanks also to Tiana! I love her vocals and the entire up-tempo of this classic song!

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