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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 12:57:37 PM
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It's "A Hot July's Night" song is co-written with my two sons, Neil and Derek Leroux.

Writers: Guy Neil and Derek Leroux (C) 2006
Singer: Guy Leroux

This couple gets together, and he fell madly in love with her and wants to get married. He loves her so much, but this was his first lover and she knows that. So she doesn't want to get married ...check out the video and listen to the song to see what happens?

The CD can be purchased here:
A Hot July's Night 2006
It was a Hot July's Night when I became a man
She was so into me she's my favorite fan
Our bodies on fire our minds as one
Being with my best friend so much fun
I remember her blue eyes as I looked inside
I touched that part of her trembling with desire
A Hot July's Night renders one insane
I find it hard dealing with the pain
Being without her I'm to blame
I love you you you're all that I knew
Time's too times too long without you
Verse 2
It was a time in my life I wanted her for my wife
As I proposed she got petrified
That was the day she said goodbye

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