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"Speechless EP" is a selection of songs from our debut album "Verbatim".
All songs are remixed, remastered, and have vocals added to them, as well as, some new lead work from Rob Covello.

released April 20, 2017

This EP is available for free (download card enclosed with booklet) when you buy a physical copy of our new album "Unlocking a New Realm of Existence".

All music written and performed by Matt Grosse James Rivera, Tom Dilliplane, William Lohr, Rob Covello

Vocals written, arranged, and performed by Mark David & David Elliott III

Mastered by Steve Carrao at Sage Audio Mastering, Nashville, TN

(0:17) I see no beauty in perfection
Casting stones inside of walls of glass
I see the nature in the flaws
Embracing what they cast aside

(0:30) And so I run away from all I know
Hoping to hide from the light of truth
I cower away, I try and say 
That I don't belong in this noose
But they never accepted me for who I was
And now I would kill for the chance
To escape from this odd reality
Caught in happenstance

(1:28) I see no beauty in perfection

(2:07) Sands will shift through the desert of your mind
And you will forget the darkness you cause
But I exist to remind you, 
Making sure that nothing will blind you,
I am life

(2:40) I see no beauty in perfection
Just natural selection
And it just begs the question...
What is the lesson?
I need your confession
Through nature’s selection 
Once again I’ll ask the question
Will you give me an answer?
What is the lesson?

(3:48) Scream it for me!
Tell me what I need to hear!

(4:06) I need to feel the pulse of the city
Beating through the winds of change
I need to know what the point is
I need to know
Do I exist in vain?

(4:22) I see no beauty in perfection

(4:38) Through the moments suffering! x
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