David NyroWhat Happened to Us All?
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Thursday, April 27, 2017 5:34:32 PM
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Saturday, April 29, 2017 10:29:31 PM
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A song about regret, Influences swirling around in my head as this song was being realized: The Beatles, Oasis, Genesis, Procol Harum, Death Cab for Cutie.

Drums: Ben Smith (Drummer for Heart)
Bass: Garey Shelton
Guitar: Jakael Tristram
Piano and lead vocal: David Nyro
Backing vocals: Mycle Wastman and David Nyro
Hammond B3: Roger Wood

Inspired by wistful memories of my family, lost love, lost friends, tinged with regrets and what might have been. I was thinking especially about my life in my 20's, when there was so much hope, promise, expectations. Looking back on how things turned out and that sense of "What happened to us all?" Not that things are dark and disappointing, but our lives can sure turn out differently from what we envisioned or hoped, sometimes for the better, though!
What Happened to Us All?
© September 2, 2012 by David Nyro

I see the photo on the wall
Those promise days I do recall
Resurrecting from the fall
I read the letter in the hall
I felt myself collapsing
until I was very small
and all that I could do was crawl

What happened to us all
to all of us, to all of us
What happened to us all
to all of us
to all of us

I hear a song I left behind
Forgotten feelings,rewind
Reconnecting with a time
plays bittersweet tricks in my mind
A pang of losing something
that I will never find
So hard to find the way when blind

What happened to us all
to all of us
to all of us
What happened to us all
to all of us
to all of us

And you wake away the night
And you rake away the sight
That’s hidden in your eyes
And you take away the light
But you can’t fake away what’s right
I know now I must make amends for all of my lies

And now the curtain falls away
As it descends on your dark day
It will never be the way
you kept the dragons at bay

Your shield and sword were just for play
Yet a part of you will always stay
A part of you remains

What happened to us all
to all of us
to all of us
What happened to us all
to all of us
to all of us

What happened to us all?
What happened to us all?
happened to us all ?

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Music Monsters
Whoa! I had to pause and catch my breath and make a web folder for your home page and YouTube channel. Now I know you are from Seattle. Do you tour, and if so do you play gigs in the Midwest? Yup, I can definitely see the Procol Harum influence here. The MonaLisa Twins just posted, with photos, on their FB page that they just saw them. As for your question, I have pondered that my entire adult life. I have picked up several clues along the way by traveling eternity road. (Moody Blues reference.)

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