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Saturday, April 29, 2017 8:42:23 PM
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Friday, October 19, 2018 3:11:39 PM
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Dating over your head, and enjoying the altitude.

She’s got the wind in her hair
She’s got the world at her feet
I got permission to stare
She knows my favorite parts are in between
And so
I do the scene with Irene

She’s like a breath of fresh air
She’s like a drink with a kick
She lives her life with a flair
But she gives me space to do my shtick
And so
I play the scene with Irene

When I’m out with Irene, it’s almost like a dream
Or a scene
From a Simon play, the perfect day,
The dialogue supreme
And then Wham! I look and there I am
The lucky leading man am I
The nervous guy
The one without the tan
I’m talkin Irene, referring to the queen
I mean, she’s a holiday, a Faberge,
A diamond left pristine
Then Wham! I look and there I am
Our lucky leading man is me
Reality is right her holding my hand

So what you want me to say?
She says that I’m kinda cute
I try to keep it that way
Yeah I could fall but dig this altitude
Till then
I do the scene with Irene
I play my scenes with Irene
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Spin Doctor Radio
Dating over your head, and enjoying the altitude

eYe 2
Phil got the hip vibe happening here. lots of energy and layers of rainbow colors ,a tapestry of pop with a jazz flair, great trumpet work, stellar rhythmic bounce. dig the piano chops and funky guitar. outstanding vocals. Irene gots da thang going going

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