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Saturday, April 29, 2017 8:48:11 PM
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Friday, October 19, 2018 2:48:05 PM
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Tribute to love with longevity.

Growin Old with You
Year by year we have kept it all together
Thru the ups and downs whatever
Life decides to throw at you and me
I see, when the world thinks it can ride me
I can count on you beside me
And I enjoy the view
I just love growin old with you

Ain’t no sweat if the memory is fuzzy
You don’t blame a brother ‘cause he
Nods-off at a movie now and then
No sin. I can catch up on the back nine
You review me on the plot line
That’s just what we do
I just love growin old with you

Over time, the paradigm evolves ‘till I’m
A trace of who I used to be
We got a history that peals back all the mystery
revealing who we are by who we were.


I’ve been told I repeat myself a little
I repeat myself a little
I might duck out of parties here and there
Somewhere, we just find a little venue
Help each other with the menu
That’s just the way we do
I just love growin old with you

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Spin Doctor Radio
Tribute to love with longevity

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