BridgeUntold Story
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Saturday, November 12, 2005 8:20:53 PM
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Thursday, January 22, 2009 12:05:43 AM
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Written by Rodgers/Moore

Tom Harman: Percussion
Oliver Moore: Vocals, guitars
Allen Rodgers: Lead guitar, background vocals
Keith Voelker: Bass
Kristen Williar: Background vocals
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A song collaborated by Allen and Oliver, worked out in a matter of a few hours when playing sitting directly next to one another. The rest of the band found its way pretty quickly and with the exception of the break and a few lines it was done in a night or two. Oliver declared it the CD's title song during a rehearsal break. Given that nobody had a clue what was going to happen to this bandor us individually for that matterit worked. (thh)

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I'm happy that 'Untold Story' is moving back up the charts. (awr) It's the title track of the Bridge CD. Oliver Moore came up with the title, which was appropriate for all of us at the time. He later crafted the CD cover a bag without an owner, the arch-covered door at the end of a leaf-covered bridge that for all the world looks like the haunted Flinderation Tunnel (thh).

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