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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)


Noone likes poor Tammy but to her face they'll never show it
I guess that you might call her, the underdog who doesn't know it
De rabbit chase de carrot, Tammy's tryin to climb the ladder
When I saw how much it meant to her, it only made me sadder
Cause there's one thing and that's for certain
They've already closed the curtain
Sure as she is just a scapegoat, she will never get what she is after
Will this mean disaster? Well I wouldn't put it past her

Louie knows he's hated still he's loitering in the middle of the road
You better hold your sympathy, this kind of underdog will cut your throat
De bear gonna grab de honey, Louie's sure to leap that ladder
and when you see his other face, it's gonna make you madder
Was that him you were defending? I guess you don't know the ending
Sure he's gonna stab you in the back and he will get what he is after
but he's no underdog, that dirty bastard

Jane thinks she's the underdog but not with her connections
Though Barry's black, he's no dark horse when he makes all the tension
Amy's so good lookin' she just takes the escalator
She just says so what if all the ugly people hate her
That brings me to Tom and Carol, they're the bottom of the barrel
Tom is short so he gets stomped on
Carol's overweight, noone will date her
They look her up and look her down, then they say See you later!

Once I was an underdog but it was easy to see through it
Would've rather been the underdog and I can't say I outgrew it
There is such a true consensus waiting at the foot of the ladder
but when you get them all alone their arguments are tattered
and for all the stares that they send, they are lousy entertainment
always hiding in the middle, kissing up to anyone who matters

You're an underdog, that's no mirage
Could it be time for camoflauge?
Good underdogs who understand go undercover as fast as they can
Don't slug it out until you drop
Just let the cream rise to the top
and get out of town
Let em find another dog to kick around
They'll find somebody else to kick around
They'll find another dog to kick around
Song Comments

Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)
well, like the urgency and the minor key, and the bongo-y percussion, and the hurdy gurdy keys, passionate storytellin', prob'ly could benefit from an edit here and there, cool flute solo, neat textures, like the endin', kudos...

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