The Coming of AgeIn The Sudden Rain
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Thursday, May 18, 2017 1:59:17 PM
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Saturday, July 01, 2017 7:25:43 PM
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The Best of Time's


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Don't talk to me
For I might see
Things you'd rather hide away
Things you'd prefer not to say

All my words like hummingbirds
Fly free
No, don't forget me
All my memories of you and me
No, don't forget me
'Cause I'm not expecting
To forget about you
So Willow run free in the sudden rain

That's how it goes
Pack it up and go home
Better luck another day
Better odds, better pay

Sick of all this mediocrity
No, don't forget me
All the things I've tried so hard to be
Come back to get me
I never can forget thee
You whisper and spy
And you whistled right by
In the sudden rain

Oh that wayward wind
There it goes again
Pointing me away
Left to live down everything I say

Don't wake up for me
Don't know when I'll be
Crawling back into my side of the bed
Little to say 'cause everything's said

My enthusiasm's 'cross the street
Riding the top shelf
Temperature has risen, you know me

Spare me a last breath
If you've got a kiss left
Her bare feet track sand
Through the water trading places
In the sudden rain

Her bare feet track sand
Through the water trading places
In the sudden rain...

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The Best of Time's
sad but this is how life must be at times

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