The Coming of AgeBetty and Veronica
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Cheryl Blossom


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Betty and Veronica
How could anybody pick one?
Redheads have it good
If I ever could I'd would be Archie

What you didn't know about Betty Cooper
is that she has her own world
She's always wrestlin' with right and wrong
so she's hardly your average girl

Ronnie Lodge comes from higher privelege
it's your privelege to know her it's true
It must be said that she's one step ahead
of anything you're anglin' to do

and when they turned out to be bffs
oh no one was ready for that
here they come together down the avenue oh
Archie be a love acrobat
to keepa things right where they're at ohh

Betty and Veronica
How could anybody pick one?

Archie had it made
you see he never strayed
he just played it loose

Jughead never used to like the girls but
how could you not like these 2?
Juggie did show a preference though
Betty was for him cause she's true

So many females in Riverdale
They have Cheryl and Valerie too
Archie's a dawg he must go whole hog
what's a gingerhead guy gonna do?
C'mon don't you wish that was you

Betcha do Betcha do ohhh

Betty and Veronica
How could anybody pick one?
Both are ecstacy
If it were up to me I would be Archie

Betty and Veronica
I prefer Beronica
Betty and Veronica x
Song Comments

Cheryl Blossom
Cheryl gets a mention in this song but she deserves more, like equal billing with B and V.

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