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Saturday, June 03, 2017 7:15:53 AM
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Saturday, June 03, 2017 7:19:58 AM
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music is truth II
Eve's New Life, Eve's New Station


This song is in 3/4 time and as such is a waltz. Full of Barley Station's signature harmonies and background vocals, acoustic guitar, tremolo guitar, piano and soft drums. The Abilene in the song is Abilene, Texas.

(C) (P) 2012 Randall Belt and Brian Kious (ASCAP)

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Eve's New Life, Eve's New Station
love the harmonies, great songwriting too.

music is truth II
This group always brings top drawer tunage, kinda reflective and hopeful, yet it spins a story of how one feels about a special someone, well woven tune, its the kinda vibe and laid back feel we need every now and then with good singing and some wonderful harmonies, cool tremolo guitar , dig that too,real cool work, super cool organic groove, I really like how this song builds and brings in instrumentation bit by bit. Simple but so effective as for the piano, hey nice touch there mellow and just sitting there in the back part of the song,just there. Thanks for sharing your latest its a strong release.

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